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Resist Tyranny-Question Authority

“No country and no people can be free and ignorant at the same time” –Thomas Jefferson

The People’s business is the government, but the government’s business is not the People.”




“It has never been an uncommon thing for the People to lose sight of their Liberty while they are eager to pursue wealth, government will normally assist in such pursuits until it gains more control over the People, then it becomes easy to rob them of their Liberty, and ignore their call for Justice.” – Quote from The Bloodline of Tyranny, Republicae, Nolan Chart

Understanding our “Republic” 


Power and control, treason and tyranny are not new ideas or practices. Those who seek power and control over others, and become successful, are usually very clever and cunning in their pursuit. If one studies how despots successfully overthrew countries throughout history you’ll discover that the masses who were overtaken were largely unaware of the implications and results subtle changes would produce, until finally the ultimate goal was accomplished before they realized they had become ensnared and their freedoms lost. Then it is often too late to reverse the damage without a civil or revolutionary war. In the case of Hitler unsuspectingly Jews purchased their own train tickets to the gas chambers and their deaths. In every case the masses of the general populace was uninformed. 







Most of these and other documents of historical significance can be found at:


Another good site is the Avalon Project at Yale Law School:


100 Milestone Documents:





“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Citizens for a Constitutional Republic provides a wealth of information helping to explain difference between “democracy” and our “Republic”.   







 Ron Paul, Champion of the Constitution

 2008 Presidential CandidateUS Congressman, Champion of the US Constitution, (medical) Dr. Ron Paul wrote “A Republic, Not a Democracy” in his weekly column, Texas Straight Talk, in December 2000, in response to a liberal call for the abolition of our electoral college, which would induce democratic mob rule by states with larger populations over the Constitutional protections for smaller states with fewer people. In a democracy, those smaller states must succumb to the majority. Thankfully our founders were wise men with great foresight to bequeath to US a system which would protect our individual inalienable rights, our challenge today, as throughout all of US History, is the vigilance to keep it.  

Real life mystery

What happened to the original 13th Amendment ?  Why did it disappear?

Some who would be affected by this Amendment:

  • Alan Greenspan
  • Bill Gates
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • George Bush, Sr.
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Norman Schwarkopf
  • Colin Powell
  • Casper Weinberger


As I have traveled across this nation as a Liberty Activist, and worked in Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Bid at the grassroots level, speaking with people outside the “Liberty Revolution” I’ve much more clearly come to realize that there is a very powerful force working overtime on a grand scale to keep the general populace ignorant and void of independent thought. It has gradually penetrated virtually every aspect of our lives as we’ve unsuspectingly accepted these often subtle and usually very cleverly disguised changes. 

In this country government power should belong to “The People” by our representative government officials. Any citizen living in America, in our current social and political climate, no matter how uninformed or politically disconnected, should be able to see that government has and is completely reversing that order. When a government can mandate which light bulb a citizen can use or when in a “free” nation, you’re designated “Free Speech Zones” to demonstrate your constitutional rights in peaceful protests, is that truly freedom?

Today, greater than any other time since the American Revolution, this country and its citizens are at a crossroad. Will we retain and restore the legacy of freedom and liberty our forefathers sacrificed their fortunes and lives to bequeath US?

It is said that knowledge is power. The best defense to insure our freedom and liberty in the USA is first to understand them. In order to better understand when our Liberty and Freedoms are threatened, what is treason and tyranny, one must have knowledge and understanding of the founding principles of the USA; the governing documents that in this country, guarantees our unalienable rights. When “The People” begin to understand what Freedom and Liberty truly is, how much of it we’ve lost, and begin to discover how it truly feels to exercise their rights, there will be no question what the majority will chose. Understanding these precious and unalienable rights will make vigilance to keep them become a natural protective act, as surely as one acts to protect any cherished personal possession they own, physical or intangible.

Become knowledgable to become powerful! The infomation within these documents holds the the keys to true personal power for every US Citizen. Reclaim and protect your most valuable asset; your natural rights. With them all prosperity and the American Dream can be realized. Take your power back!

George Washington said; “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

To understand the foundation of our Government and Country everyone should read and the following items:


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