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Gas in soda’s? TN Target for Terrorist Fear Smear & Leader in Fed Control Tactics?

What is happening in this nation? Daily, I become more and more outraged, and so should you. Watch this unbelievable video, and stick around for the entire news broadcast beyond the benzine reported in soda’s which the FDA has know about for 15 years without leaking a word of it to the public. Sounds like […]

The People Respect Ron Paul

Cecilia Poole December 22, 2007 The truly laughable most recent “hit piece” the New York Sun attempted on Ron Paul shows the pure ignorance of the staff writer. Implying Ron Paul or “We the people” would try to “buy Washington’s respect” is just another high handed attempt to try to discredit Ron Paul’s honorable character, […]

Ron Paul Blimp Arrives in Harford County MD

Ron Paul Blimp at Aldino Airport; Two MD Ron Paul Delegates to convention, Brett Peterson left, Harold Poole right. Press Release: Early 12/20/07 Event Cecilia Poole patriotessdame@comcast.net  MAXED OUT MARYLAND TAXPAYERS WELCOME RON PAUL’S BLIMP Maryland Residents Seeking Relief from High Taxes, Inflation & Unwelcome Illegal Immigration Rally Ron Paul’s Blimp as the symbol for the […]

5 1/2 hours left to Restore the Republic!

  Remember, Remember, the 5th of November” is from a poem. The entire purpose of the poem is to remind people that committing treason will not be tolerated. Summary: Fact 1: “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November” originates from an English poem where the idea is that committing treason will not be tolerated. Fact 2: […]

Ron Paul’s so called “Fringe” Support Donates Over A Million in Less Than 7 Days

Ron Paul is traveling across the country delivering the uniting messages of freedom, liberty, small federal government and ending the Iraq war. His message is timely. American citizens are seeing more clearly today, than any other time in recent history, that we can take our country back from a run away government which tramples all over our rights, our founding principles, […]

Tribute to Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo February 14, 1943 – August 24, 2007 It’s a sad day to see this light go out, we will miss you. You started an awakening across this nation that I for one will be forever grateful for. Although you did many great things with, in your life, if you had only graced us with Freedom to […]

Breaking News! Ed & Elaine Brown fired upon.

Red Alert! Shots Fired! Ed & Elaine Brown under attack around 11:45 PM eastern time Saturday night. This was not a drill, 20-30 shots were fired down near the duck pond on their property. No one was injured. [Update] (Thanks to Prison Planet for your update. They’re now back on line) “When the people fear […]