What will you do for freedom?

Jesus Banned in the Bible Belt! Where are the Christians?

“On the alter of God, I pledge, undying hostility to any government restrictions on the free minds of the people…[and] eternal resistance to every form of tyranny over the minds of men.” Thomas Jefferson July 21, 2010 I saw a cartoon the other day depicting members of the Obama administration hanging upside down after Arizona […]

National Constitutional Convention

The below article was written just over one and half years ago. Looks like it’s time to brush it off and bring it back out. I guess this idea has been gaining momentum since that time and it certainly goes to show how the enemies of this country work and strive with due dilligence and patience toward the […]

Will Obama keep US Free?

“No country and no people can be free and ignorant at the same time” –Thomas Jefferson   Yesterday contrasts today: “The whole reason we have elected officials is so we don’t have to think all the time.” — Homer Simpson   Is Obama a natural born citizen?   At least before the 2004 presidential administrative […]

5 1/2 hours left to Restore the Republic!

  Remember, Remember, the 5th of November” is from a poem. The entire purpose of the poem is to remind people that committing treason will not be tolerated. Summary: Fact 1: “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November” originates from an English poem where the idea is that committing treason will not be tolerated. Fact 2: […]

Only 46K More to Go, Donate now!

Down to the final hours, we only need $46,000 to go to hit $1.2 Million for Ron Paul and we still have 2 more hours to make it! Go to http://RonPaul2008.com now and donate for this final push! What a remarkable fund raiser! Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul troops! The Revolution IS NOW!

Ron Paul’s so called “Fringe” Support Donates Over A Million in Less Than 7 Days

Ron Paul is traveling across the country delivering the uniting messages of freedom, liberty, small federal government and ending the Iraq war. His message is timely. American citizens are seeing more clearly today, than any other time in recent history, that we can take our country back from a run away government which tramples all over our rights, our founding principles, […]

DREAM = Amnesty

The Senate’s at it again–it’s A-M-N-E-S-T-Y time!!! Senators Durbin, Hagel, Lugar, Leahy, OBAMA, Lieberman, Feinstein, Kerry, Feingold, CLINTON, Bayh, Menendez, Murray, Boxer, Cantwell, Salazar, and Dodd are sponsoring Senate Amendment 2237, to be attached to the DOD Authorization Bill, HR 1585. With those sponsors, you probably don’t need to see the proposal, but here it […]