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In America, Are Billionaires Born or Made?


Are billionaires born or made?

First, let me be clear. I believe in Capitalism 100%. But in America, The Land of Opportunity, does Capitalism really exist and did it ever, really?

According to history and as it repeats itself, Billionaires, in this country at least, are often made off the backs of the unsuspecting and from taxpayer subsidies. Just why do you think this country doesn’t teach people how to handle money in this government system they pass off as education? Maybe Henry Ford best answered that question with “If people understood how money works, there would be uprising by tomorrow morning.” That was nearly, if not, a century ago. As the “establishment” continues to work it’s magic dumbing down the population in so many various ways, there’s been no revolution or even revelation since the founding of this country.

Now, get ready for the newest “establishment” switch-a-(FU)roo, with a global currency to not only confuse the masses (again) but to gain complete control.

Will America survive as Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?



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