Prohibition on Pure and Natural Products?

Research the naturally grown plant Stevia for just one example of how far government and big business will go to keep control of what “the People” can and cannot be privy. If you don’t already know government, big pharma, is trying to take control of vitamin supplements too. So if you think Alex Jones Info Wars is pushing hype about the coming perils to health food store owners, you better check out how farmers are being persecuted for selling pure, unadulterated milk and draw the parallel before dismissing it! Rogue government wants total control! Surely, we couldn’t have “the People” discover (after they’ve so successfully brainwashed and dumbed us down) that there is healing power in nature, foods, vitamins, ya think? Good grief, no! Big pharma can’t make money if people aren’t ill!!

When chocolate (the cocoa bean) was first discovered it was so controlled that only the wealthy could indulge. Despite the bean literally grows on trees access to this delightful and decadent treat was deliberately withheld from the hoi polloi. Stories such as these are as ancient as time and so are true conspiracies. Don’t be fooled into believing they are only “theories”, these conspiracies are very real “truths”.

Thanks Harold for finding this story and Melissa for the follow up links. I’m happy to see this is finally getting more exposure and Daily Kos actually reporting how the state is persecuting the Amish and Mennonite farmers. Every other local farmer will soon also become targets…first they came for the communists…) This is nothing but prohibition on natural products so the state—government can take more than their fair share of revenue. If the People are not very careful they will have nothing left from their products, service and labor. Or are we already past that point with the recent looting from the bailouts?

Everyone who thought “certified” organic was such a great idea? It’s nothing but an excuse for government to take more money and control. I hope everyone who was so excited about government once again acting like their mommy has bought some of these dirty, poor quality and more expensive food items. Personally, I’m damned tired of government’s looting, pirating and inferior service.


2 comments on “Prohibition on Pure and Natural Products?

  1. Watch for an program on the Sundance channel that describes a horror story in New Yok city. A piece of abandoned property was given to a poor community so they could plant and harvest their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Everyone participated and made this an unbelievalbe success. Then as one might expect, the city came back and said we want our land back so we can build a PARKING LOT! These people, mostly poor residents lost their battle in court and had to watch as the city mowed down their only resource for food! WHO ARE WE?

  2. Have you seen the “tent” cities increasing?

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