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Will Obama keep US Free?

“No country and no people can be free and ignorant at the same time” –Thomas Jefferson


Yesterday contrasts today:

“The whole reason we have elected officials is so we don’t have to think all the time.”
— Homer Simpson


Is Obama a natural born citizen?


At least before the 2004 presidential administrative term, whoever would have imagined an American citizen, living in the United States, might feel intimidated about expressing their first amendment rights to freedom of speech? In 2006 I was outraged to read stories about people being arrested for expressing disagreement to VP Cheney about his position/policy on the war in Iraq. Today, people are being intimidated by the FBI for simply uttering  Barack “Hussein” Obama’s middle name? How much worse is that?


I think to help “the one” overcome his obvious phobia about his middle name he should have used his full name on his campaign yard signs…for that matter, maybe his campaign should go out now and post instead of “yes we can”, “Yes I am” (a citizen) on all those yard signs all over America, so the suspecting public can rest assured in lieu of a bonafide birth certificate, Obama’s assurances that he is Constitutionally qualified to be a candidate for President of the United States of America.


The FBI and many other legal entities seem to be working double time in police actions for Obama and we aren’t even at election day yet, where does this power and clout come from to incite such, including Federal intimidation against innocent people? What will this country become under that kind of influence if he were to win the election?


I am completely convinced Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be a candidate for President of the United States of America. If the man was eligible, he would provide the proof, post haste. This is going to be the biggest fraud against American’s since the mandatory continuance of the “voluntary” income, and those who are in position to stop this criminal atrocity seem to be ignoring it.


God help US all if our lawmakers are completely turning their backs on the supreme law of our nation.



Are you too busy to think about the decisions your elected officials are making? Are you depending on them to make the best decisions in your behalf? How’s that working for you?


High taxes and inflation eating away your income? Do you have more or less time to spend with your family, doing the things you enjoy?

How many months do you have to work each year just to pay all your taxes?

Are your opportunities, income and savings greater or fewer than your parents were 20, even 10 years ago? 


If you’re happy with all that, you can let “them” continue to think and act for you. But if you’re tired of governments “business as usual” at your expense, you can take back your mind, time, family and money! Join the Campaign for Liberty today and get your life back!


To take action with your representatives, just enter your 5 digit zip code to contact the President, Congress and Senate: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/  


Stand Up, Stand Strong, and Refuse to allow America to falter to anything less than the Founding Fathers fought and died to bequeath us!

I am a proud American!

We ARE the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!


“On the alter of God, I pledge, undying hostility to any government restrictions on the free minds of the people…[and] eternal resistance to every form of tyranny over the minds of men.” Thomas Jefferson


Choose Liberty! Join the Campaign for Liberty today!

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” – George Washington

“Every generation needs a new revolution.” -Thomas Jefferson

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