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Is the US Government Comprised Entirely of Pirates?



Is this government comprised entirely of Pirates? Let this outrageous attempt to further loot taxpayers die!

How outrageous that anyone would think the American people will support socialism is preposterous, not on Main Street and not on Wall Street! American’s cherish our FREEDOM!

We will be watching Congress and Senate’s actions to see if they’re making sound principled decisions for this nation. Rest assured, elected representatives, come November 4, we the people will vote accordingly.  

Vote to save our economy, LEAVE IT ALONE! Allow the market to correct itself.

Help stop the anti-American rhetoric

and forewarn Congress and Senate about resurrecting this outrageous bailout! Tell them NO Bailouts, NO more robbing American taxpayers!



Let your voice be heard! Vote in the polls and post your objections!

Go to the following link, but before you go, copy it so you can post it into your subject line at that site. This will tell government and mainstream media you’re not buying their socialist rhetoric! 

Let the American Destabilization Bailout Act Die!



Vote in the poll here:






For a closer look and clearer understanding of how these actions threaten not only our economy but our very freedom, please read the following very important article. Make your own decisions how these actions can and do affect America’s future.








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