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Obama sued. Is he a US citizen?

Wonder how long it will take MSM to report this? How long will it take to come up with a good CYA story? Or will they simply stay silent to allow this new socialist arm to slink in and continue the practice of stomping all over The People, thus our Constitution? Will they lie or are we so far gone they will simply make it more clear “they” do not have to abide by any rule of law they wish to ignore? Careful also not to be sidetracked even though this attorney is  a Hillary supporter. MSM and the establishment love to turn, twist and skew and divert our attentions,  perceptions and questions away from truths and real issues. If these rumors and allegations are true, it really shouldn’t matter who exposes it or how handsomely they might benefit from the information. What do you think? How will this one play out?

 I also read recently the courts ruled in McCain’s favor despite violating McCain-Feingold, campaign “reform” law he helped write. Who was this law written for? His competition? For that matter who is any law written for lately? Evidently not anyone currently in government, hu?  And btw, did anyone hear about that in MSM???

What do you think? How will all this play out?


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