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Gas in soda’s? TN Target for Terrorist Fear Smear & Leader in Fed Control Tactics?

What is happening in this nation? Daily, I become more and more outraged, and so should you.

Watch this unbelievable video, and stick around for the entire news broadcast beyond the benzine reported in soda’s which the FDA has know about for 15 years without leaking a word of it to the public. Sounds like carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in consumer products would be something we should have been informed about as soon as it was discovered, ya think? But then, I suppose that would only be a consideration IF this government actually regarded the people whose fruits from their hard earned labor that keeps them afloat & more and more bloated, were actually important to them. Think of that the next time government proposes another socialist program they try to sell you under the banner of “for your own good”. Government doesn’t give a damn about your well being or mine, or that of our posterity.

Every state currently seems to have operatives hard at work pushing agenda that both robs and controls the population. If it’s successful in one state it quickly becomes a mandate to assault the rest.

I’m happy to see the woman who runs the Sweet Water, TN flea market is wise enough to see how rediculous it is that their flea market has been labeled a major “terrorist target”.  Reports such as this are obviously just another example of government and their media cohorts fear tactics, but can have debilitating effects on an unsuspecting audience. I recently got a report about a woman suffering from severe panic attacks. When she saw her doctor, after a thorough exam, he asked a series of questions which led him to advise her to stop watching the news. Taking his advice, her panic attacks have subsided.

Which brings us to another dilemma. If we don’t watch, read or hear the news, how do we stay informed? Just what is the quality of the content we hear and read from mainstream media? How reliable is mainstream media in bringing us truthful and accurate reports?

Fortunately, patriots across the country are working on ideas for a new media through TV and radio to report the “real” and truthful news to the public. Hopefully some competition for these media giants will help curtail their deceptive practices.  Some are already using internet radio broadcasting to their local communities to inform and others are working to start new printing presses within local areas. Today, many new informed and aware patriots are stepping forward to fight for truth, justice and liberty. From these scores of patriots expect to see and hear floods of new reliable news sources coming to the forefront. While this project may sometimes appear daunting, if performed en mass, we should be able to conquer the old problems encountered or associated with the old “underground” newspapers. We are going viral and coming to the forefront and will hopefully bury the old media along with their deceptive practices and send them to the under ground where they belong.

Finally, the last report on the above posted video is particularly alarming. Sounds like unsuspecting Tennesseans are being targeted to lead the nation in another form of government control. I surely hope somebody will start working to enlighten these kind, genteel people about what is really going on behind this effort and the dangers associated with the end result of complying and enabling actions such as these. I also hope some of those Tennessee good ole boys and girls will get their heads out of the agricultural sand and start living up to their “Best of America” claim, because if this demonstration is the best of what we American’s have to look forward to, we’re all in trouble.

This video tells us that Tennessee will become the leader in our nation for one of governments experiments with RFID chips. They will tag every farm animal with these chips and enter all the information as they observe them into a data base. Evidently, unsuspecting Tennesseans are either not aware or are simply allowing this atrocity to happen! This story reminds me of a a take off Hitler’s method of discovering who he wanted to annihilate and how to track them. We already know these chips are being used in our passports, and are being made for human implantation, do we really expect control seeking government to stop at farm animals? The chip is also a large component to the Real or national ID, which is really an international ID, and can divulge all sorts of personal information to countless peoples and organizations. The Real ID Act 2005 is supposed to become affective May 11, 2008. If your state hasn’t denounced this plan, you really need to get informed and help fight it before you’re required to start carrying this new method to completely invade your privacy and method to control you. These aren’t conspiracy theories, folks. This government has gone berserk and out of control. These are practices that are taking place daily across these United States and unsuspecting, uninformed American’s are letting them happen. Only you –we can stop this insanity. Get informed!

Please, wake up, people! Stop letting this perverted system “control” and manipulate US. Every time I see or read something like this it reminds me of the Germans buying their own train tickets to the ovens. WAKE UP!!! STAND UP!!! FIGHT! Stop rolling over under their control. If you don’t understand what or why something is being done, ASK QUESTIONS. If it sounds like “science fiction” as this commentator points out, don’t just scratch your head and go along with it! Find out what the heck is going on and why such actions are necessary, and make sure you understand the reasons. If you don’t understand keep asking questions until you do!

Why is the government spending your tax dollars to “chip” farm animals??? Is that a good productive use of your tax dollars??? Don’t we still have some infrastructure that needs repair? Do you ever wonder why you & your spouse MUST work mega hours to “break even” often times? Couldn’t that additional tax revenue collected for BS such as this be better spent or saved within your own household? (Just for starters.) Do something! Protest! Just say NO! Get your neighbors to say no! If you know folks in TN, get them aware. Get them thinking and acting! This insanity must be stopped.


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