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All eye’s on Ron Paul’s 4th Quarter Fund Raising Results

All red blooded freedom loving American’s need to understand that today’s end to the 4th quarter fundraising “finish” will be respresentative of the results Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign can accomplish. Can the grassroots deliver? Or when it comes time for the “finish” will they fizzle out, unable to deliver the grand prize?

 We’re less than three quarters of a million away from hitting $20 million for the quarter. Let’s “finish” this round! Push hard for those last minute, end of the quarter and end of the year donations. We all know it’s after Christmas, and usually the time when our dollars are short, but no amount is too small. We must hit $20 million before the close. Let’s show “them” that this campaign will be victorious!

Donate your best final for the year contribution ASAP!

Donate NOW for liberty! 

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