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The People Respect Ron Paul

Cecilia Poole
December 22, 2007

The truly laughable most recent “hit piece” the New York Sun attempted on Ron Paul shows the pure ignorance of the staff writer. Implying Ron Paul or “We the people” would try to “buy Washington’s respect” is just another high handed attempt to try to discredit Ron Paul’s honorable character, his candidacy, his campaign, and “We the people”.  Ron Paul has more respect from accross the spectrum than anyone in Washington, with all their lobbyist’s trillions combined, could ever hope to buy, and they know it.

The NY Sun and other hits, coming much more frequently now, shows “the establishments” obvious desperation about Ron Paul’s surge from 2 recent record breaking fund raisers, each held within 24 hour windows, raising over 10 Million dollars in only 48 hours. Ron Paul’s campaign coffers are over $18 Million for the 4th quarter, and there’s still a full week remaining before the close. Every time I check the site, people’s names are still flashing more donations. It’s 3 days before Christmas and middle class America is suffering one of the worst economies  I’ve seen since the 70’s, yet people are still donating, every minute to the Ron Paul campaign. What does that tell Washington?

The establishment knows this is the end of  their elitist entitlement era syphoned off the backs of the American people. Try as they have to contain, restrain, ignore and delude the American people about Ron Paul’s message of freedom, peace and true prosperity, for all Americans, not just for the elite whose wealth has ballooned 400 times greater than the average American citizen’s, they have failed. Washington’s greatest fears have become a reality; “We the people” have awakened to their lying, scheming, meandering, underhanded methods of keeping us “barefoot and pregnant” by a government system designed to reward only the elite.

They also know that with or without Washington’s or the GOP’s blessing, or even the Republican nomination for Ron Paul, (isn’t the nomination determined by the voters? How can such a bold prediction be made before an election?), they can’t stuff us back in the box now. They’ve never seen anything like this current outbreak from the American people, it’s certainly never occurred by this magnitude during my lifetime. And “they” know, their time has come to an end and they’re watching their house of cards falling in, with a force they know they can’t contain, right on top of them

Exuding flagrant arrogance and hypocrisy toward the American public that has become so commonplace from Washington the title of the article taunts; “Ron Paul Can’t Buy Respect”. This slap in the face is not only directed at a man whose impeccable principles and character have been well observed through his lifetime. Honorably serving “the people” for over 20 years in congress by adhering strictly to his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States, which protects the people’s individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves and our future generations, not a bloated out of control government that will cluster us into groups, pit us against each other, then play Robin Hood with not only our current livelihoods but for too many generations of our posterity to count. Professionally, as an OB/GYN doctor, Ron Paul has been known to perform his services when necessary as charity, or to work out manageable arrangements with patients in need. Personally, he has been married to the same woman who is apparently the apple of his eye for over 50 years, along with their 5 children and 18 grandchildren. I’m sure Ron Paul’s stellar reputation for consistency in his positions that benefit the American people, whom they can’t find a single credible speck of dirt on, completely confuses and galls their senses.

So they turn their attentions to “We the [many]people” who support him and issue warnings disguised in their pompous ridicule, to anyone more before they dare consider him. This is where the article becomes truly ludicrous; Do “they” honestly believe that “Washington’s respect” would resonate as a “good” thing with the American people? Washington’s corrupt and reprehensible reputation combined with this very type of thumbing nose arrogance toward the people is what helped to wake up our senses and it’s exactly what we are tired of. The 2006 election upset didn’t wake up their senses. The democrat and republican exodus into third parties hasn’t resonated to their understanding. Now they have the audacity to tell the people that by supporting a candidate who represents the interest’s of the average American we are trying, or should even need to try, to buy Washington’s respect?

I have some news for this arrogant establishment, they are the ones who should be working for the respect of the American people. “We the people”, nor Ron Paul are not the ones who succumb to the millions in lobbyist’s money.  Money that is gleaned off the very backs of the American people in one fashion or another. Then used against us in other ways, only to pilfer more again, and again! Washington should be begging for our respect, certainly not bullying us into thinking the money we donate to the campaign of a candidate who is the choice of many of the majority, and growing steadily every day, is some form of a contemptible bribe. But that simply shows how Washington’s collective minds work. They set up a system that only obscene sums of money can buy the publicity required to get a candidate onto their monopolized airwaves. Then when the people meet their requirements in order for more people to hear a different view, “they decide” it just doesn’t matter anyway. This system is obviously designed to squeeze out average America’s view points or anyone who hasn’t succumbed to their one minded agenda. Whether left or right, since the money didn’t come from their special interest lobbyist’s, or fit their corporate, elitist, fascist or socialist agenda, they simply tell you the party’s over! Effectively saying; play by the rules or not, there’s nothing you, that means “We the people” can do to win. As always, they make the rules and can change them on a whim. Just what happened to that Constitutional Democratic Republic designed to protect the people from scams such as this?

So we wonder, why would they take such an attitude? Why would they have such arrogance? Surely there must be some merit, after all, they wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, would they? They wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t ethical, would they? Then we have to remember that they’ve used this system they’ve so carefully and cleverly crafted against us for years! Ron Paul isn’t the first candidate who has represented the people’s interests and choice that the establishment has so diligently worked to stifle and squeeze out. But he’s surely the one, with the help of the Internet where so many can now learn truth beyond only the propaganda they want us to hear, think and believe, who has stokes the fires in our hearts, minds and souls to look beyond their smoke and mirrors to see the truth. Yet, as usual they turn the true story completely backwards. Are “We the people” trying to buying Washington’s respect? If that were true, with the money they’ve absconded from the citizens of this country “Washington’s respect” should have been bought and paid for many times over, if money is what it takes for Washington to respect it’s constituents. Great inflation, reduced earnings, NAFTA relocating our jobs and industry and high taxation, largely without representation, highlight only a very few of Washington’s Robber Baron abuse against American citizens.

Who in Washington truly represents your interests? This disdain for Ron Paul’s campaign, which is almost entirely a citizens movement, represents a complete upset of their apple cart. They see the fire that’s burning in the hearts and minds of the majority of the American people from this knowledge and they know we just aren’t going to take it anymore. You can imagine they’re more than a little nervous about this loss of control over the citizens who can see so clearly through their lies and deceptions now. If that’s the type of respect they think “We the people” want from Washington, to just keep our heads in the sand, and “just go out shopping” so they can take care of the rest;  Washington, just keep on dreaming. You know it must really frost the boys knowing they CAN’T buy Ron Paul and that he gets more respect without trying than Washington could ever hope to buy.

Highly favorable characteristics of arrogance and audacity is literally sought after, like a requirement, in the elitist’s world when selecting their up and coming superstars. Reference the selection process of the trilateral commission and other elite groups, ie: Rhodes, Yale, etc. It’s an essential trait to maintain a powerful edge over others. Again, I thank George W. Bush for bringing this contemptuous indignant attitude and behavior toward the people to light. But he and his audacious administration doesn’t deserve all the credit, thinking of Bill Clinton, in spite of his quick smile and baiting personality, his wife’s current bid for office, Giuliani’s reign as mayor, several other Presidential candidates, many others within government, which includes mainstream media, (the largest special interest lobby in Washington today), it’s very easy to recall the times and ways of those who brush the people’s interest aside as a one would a mere pesky insect. It’s easy to both remember and see the blatant disregard and complete disrespect for the American public and our intelligence.

Why would we possibly want respect from the corrupt, criminal, contemptuous “Washington” establishment? What gives them the right to demand it from us? Respect is something that must be earned, and they certainly have not tried to earn ours, just once again they are trying to yield something from the American public it has no right to receive.

Quotes in the article from some supposed “who’s who” of Washington reeks with the stench and pure audacity,  of the elite trying to put the “common-folk” back in their place, completely dismissing  the people, dismissing our choices. Effectively saying, you and I, “We the people” don’t count, and yes, further our votes won’t count. Washington will conduct business as usual, regardless. 

Another vain attempt to discredit Ron Paul offered an online venue, asking; “Who are Ron Paul Supporters?”  Itundoubtedly hoped to reveal the “fringe, foul, rude and insane, internet geeks” they’ve so dubbed us. Instead, reading through some of the posts, (far too many to read them all before it closed to new submissions) one quickly discovers the wide and varied descriptions of many intelligent people from all walks of life, who have awakened out of our deep slumbers and united for the cause of liberty. We’re hardly the “fringe” the Washington establishment would like you to believe.

So have you ever wondered why mainstream media doesn’t photograph or show snippets of Ron Paul’s speeches or rallies? We’ve seen Duncan Hunter and John Edwards in their blue jeans talking with people at barbeque’s, Hillary, Obama, Rudy, and Mitt’s rallies are constantly thrust in our faces. Since Richard Haas, President of the CFR, (please pay particular attention to the last sentence under the heading “Mission”), has joined Mike Huckabee’s campaign we’re being entertained as he plays his guitar. Ron Paul, admittedly has had some media exposure. The New York Times magazine did a feature story last summer, using a picture from a debate which was enhanced, unlike the online version, to depict a man who looks very tiny on a large empty stage. At Ron Paul’s Philadelphia Freedom & Veteran’s Day Rally, CNN stood out in the cold in the nearly frigid wind, for hours throughout the entire rally, as if to capture a story precisely as they wanted it portrayed. There were no real no shots of Ron Paul’s rally where you could hear his words, no shots or real mention of the veterans who attended, and no shots of the massive crowd the rally drew. Since the media loves entertainment so much, still, no shots of the band. Waiting until the end with Ron Paul behind the stage, they ushered a few supporters behind him and he was interviewed.

What do you think? Are these ploys to convince the American public, that Ron Paul has little support? That his campaign is not credible? Or the terms “fringe” or “disaffected” are used to make you believe “We the people” are a small group of lepers with which you don’t want to be associated?

Then perhaps the establishment just looked out their window and saw the giant “Ron Paul Revolution” blimp, sporting “Who is Ron Paul” & “Google Ron Paul” which was funded solely by a few grassroots supporters. Maybe that’s all it took to spike their outrage and obvious desperation! I surely hope these guys and girls of the Washington establishment keep their heads in the sand, with their hands out, and their tongues wagging.  Such arrogance to think Washington’s twisted sense of “respect” would be anything that would appeal to the American people obviously shows, as usual, they just don’t get it. This attitude and behavior is exactly what the American people are tired of.

But this time, it’s ok, I hope they keep up the good work, because the people have seen very clearly now through their circus acts and they will make our win that much easier. “We the people” who “believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people…” will take care of the rest. I just hope “they” can learn to be graceful losers. Look on the bright side Washington, we’re not, after all, a lynch mob,  just a peaceful mass of American people, growing larger everyday, who are determined to take our liberty back. Washington’s respect for the American public should be a given, we’ve certainly earned it. And I’m so happy to be, only one, of the lion’s share of people, who is showing and telling them them that their secrets are out in the open, and yes, their party’s over! “We the people” are moving beyond Washington politics as usual. Just because they don’t report it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, and I’m delighted, no I’m ecstatic, to know because of the people, it isn’t too late. There really is “Hope for America” and I’m very proud to “Be a part of it!”

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