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Ron Paul Blimp Arrives in Harford County MD

Ron Paul Blimp at Aldino Airport

Ron Paul Blimp at Aldino Airport; Two MD Ron Paul Delegates to convention, Brett Peterson left, Harold Poole right.

Press Release: Early 12/20/07 Event

Cecilia Poole patriotessdame@comcast.net 


Maryland Residents Seeking Relief from High Taxes, Inflation & Unwelcome Illegal Immigration Rally Ron Paul’s Blimp as the symbol for the “No Tax, No IRS, No Amnesty” Presidential Candidate who Represents “Hope for America”

The Ron Paul Blimp has arrived at the Harford County Airport, 3538 Aldino Rd, Churchville, MD 21028.

At 9:00 AM, 12/20/2007  Ron Paul Grassroots supporters and tax maxed middle class MD residents, young to old, will rally for “Dr. No”. No Income Tax, No IRS, no benefits or amnesty for illegal aliens; small government, run your own life, keep more of your own money, champion of the Constitution; Presidential Candidate, 10 term Congressman and OB/GYN doctor, Ron Paul.

Just 3 days after a second record breaking fundraiser, (6 million dollars online within 24 hours) which gained support from nearly 30,000 new campaign contributors and was held on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, (the historical event when another group of citizens decided “No taxation without representation”), the “Who is Ron Paul” & “Google Ron Paul” Blimp lands at the Harford County Airport.

Some local residents and media are invited to ride the blimp as we celebrate a real choice for true change from decades of the political status quo “evil/lesser evil” voting choices of past elections and usher in a new era of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity, the essence of the “Ron Paul Revolution”.


Chose Liberty. Vote Ron Paul 2008.


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