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All eye’s on Ron Paul’s 4th Quarter Fund Raising Results

All red blooded freedom loving American’s need to understand that today’s end to the 4th quarter fundraising “finish” will be respresentative of the results Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign can accomplish. Can the grassroots deliver? Or when it comes time for the “finish” will they fizzle out, unable to deliver the grand prize?  We’re less than three quarters of a million away […]

The People Respect Ron Paul

Cecilia Poole December 22, 2007 The truly laughable most recent “hit piece” the New York Sun attempted on Ron Paul shows the pure ignorance of the staff writer. Implying Ron Paul or “We the people” would try to “buy Washington’s respect” is just another high handed attempt to try to discredit Ron Paul’s honorable character, […]

Ron Paul Blimp Arrives in Harford County MD

Ron Paul Blimp at Aldino Airport; Two MD Ron Paul Delegates to convention, Brett Peterson left, Harold Poole right. Press Release: Early 12/20/07 Event Cecilia Poole  MAXED OUT MARYLAND TAXPAYERS WELCOME RON PAUL’S BLIMP Maryland Residents Seeking Relief from High Taxes, Inflation & Unwelcome Illegal Immigration Rally Ron Paul’s Blimp as the symbol for the […]