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Ron Paul’s Fund Raising Phenomenon

The November 5, 2007 fundraiser was an incredible day for Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign! Grassroots volunteers and supporters whom the mainstream media once loved to term; “fringe & spammers” donated and cheered as we watched the charts, graphs and dollars pouring in at a phenomenal rate of speed! I watched the number increase by 11 thousand dollars in the first 3 minutes, the first half hour past midnight yielded an 88 thousand dollar increase. If the donations continued to surge in at this rate we would easily clip 4.2 Million in 24 hours! I believe that estimate actually proved a bit short, when I last checked at midnight, I thought the final was nearly 4.4 million. Today I’ve heard several figures for the total raised within 24 hours, it seems to have settled at 4.3 M. Clearly it was a record setting and monumental day!

CNN covers the November 5th fundraiser.

Way to go Ron Paul troops! Now let’s translate these dollars into votes! Don’t forget to update your information onto the new volunteer form!

Let the above video serve as proof the media, “establishment” is truly trying to dictate our choices. 4500+ mentions of Ron Paul over a one year period, a message of truth, hope, freedom, peace and prosperity vs warhawks, illegal alien advocates, and leaders away from our constitution and the freedom and sovereignty our founders bequeathed us who are pushed on the general public over 90,000+ times in the same time frame.

We do have a choice, the 2008 election presents US the rare opportunity to break the “evil or lesser evil” dictum. Don’t “waste” your vote on the “evil”! This primary, vote for truth, freedom, peace and prosperity! Vote Ron Paul in the Republican Primary!

 If you haven’t yet joined this exciting R3volution, join us now!

 Reclaim our Constitution! Restore America!



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