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5 1/2 hours left to Restore the Republic!

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November” is from a poem. The entire purpose of the poem is to remind people that committing treason will not be tolerated.

Fact 1: “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November” originates from an English poem where the idea is that committing treason will not be tolerated.
Fact 2: November 5 is celebrated only in Britain.
Fact 3: Britain celebrates November 5 by burning Guy Fawkes in effigy, because after all he is a traitor. – by Faxxy

We still have 5 1/2 hours to go! 

From the desk of Patriotess Dame:

The goal for this 5th of November is to raise a record breaking sum for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

This will put Ron Paul’s campaign on the radar. It will provide funds for very expensive media ads on tv, radio, etc to get his name and message out to more voters to win the nomination.

At this time in our USA, we have one of the most corrupt governments in US history. Congressman Ron Paul presents us with the opportunity to restore our America; “the land of the free” in every sense of that assertion. Our monetary system will be restored, providing true opportunities for real personal financial gain by introducing competition for the Federal Reserve, the private cartel of bankers who have plugged us in to this survivalist matrix. This would curtail this great inflation we’re challenged with every time we make a purchase from food to housing, making our money stronger for us personally, thus our nation will become strong economically again. Also, by eliminating the Federal Income tax, the almost half of our annual earnings would stay in our own pockets as opposed to feeding this monstrous government who takes our money to use for things we likely would prefer not to have to support; think of the military base they’re currently building in Iraq which is larger than the Vatican, as just one example! Can you think of somewhere your half years earnings could be better applied?  

Imagine just the economic implications of a Ron Paul Presidency!  It would restore the American Dream. It’s true that money isn’t everything, but how many of us are working practically non stop on a treadmill that doesn’t seem to provide much daylight, much less sunshine for our future, not only for ourselves, but our children and grandchildren? My background is money and financing, and this was the greatest issue that first drew me to Dr. Paul. He has a very keen understanding of economics and how to restore economic strength to this country, with strong emphasis on what is good for “the people” individually, not just for the elite.

For those who are skeptical when they hear statements that we are headed into bondage or enslavement, I believe many people conjure up images that don’t really portray the real meaning behind that concept. Let’s diminish the images of chains on our wrists and examine it from a little different perspective. After working with people through different economies over the past 30 years I’ve been privy to their most intimate life details; personal financial portfolios, their hopes and dreams, their attitudes. Today, more than any other time through those 30 years, people are struggling harder to provide for their living expenses, much less a comfortable lifestyle and advancement. It generally takes at least 2 household incomes, just to get by! We generally work 5 months out of the year just to pay our taxes! What is left in our pockets is eaten up by the exorbitant price tags on everything we must buy, never mind what we would like to buy! There is little time for family, friends, personal or leisure.  We are working, slaving away, for the government through taxation, and the capitalist elite through the huge price tags on what we must buy and the exorbitant interest on many of our purchases! If that isn’t bondage and enslavement, what is? What choices do we have? Who is in control of our lives? I remember seeing George W. Bush speak with a woman who was expressing that she must work 2 jobs just to get by, and he responded, “That’s great! That’s the American way!” Then also remembering a video of him also saying; “yes, the people are good tax payers!” That’s all we are to him and not only him, listen carefully to most all the candidates on either side of this political duopoly.

I know each and every one of us must watch every dime we spend, particularly in this economy, and I’m always somewhat hesitant when I post requests for donations because I understand very well the state of our economy. But if we look at the larger picture, beyond today and tomorrow, we will realize that every other candidate out there is running with either less economic knowledge and understanding than Dr. Paul or has a self serving economic and perhaps otherwise self serving agenda. We are down to the final 3 months for Ron Paul to win the Republican nomination. Dr. Paul presents us the only opportunity we have to restore our nation, our economy, our freedom. He is our best and may very well be our last hope to regain our “freedom” in every sense of the word. If we can make a few sacrifices now, to help get this man into office, “We the people” will be able to see not only daylight, but sunshine ahead and get off of this treacherous treadmill!

Please seriously consider donating to Ron Paul’s Campaign today! It’s an investment in our future, for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. I remember the “cash” economy before Nixon eliminated the gold standard on our money. I remember when our gold backed currency had value and our purchasing power was strong, then people were able to save for what they dreamed for their future. We still worked hard, but we were able to enjoy a life beyond work. I remember a time when people were able to buy what they wanted with cash and it wasn’t illegal for citizens to own gold or keep or carry more than $10,000 without having Federal Agent’s threatening to confiscate your money questioning if you’re a terrorist. I remember an economic era that didn’t encourage people to “shop till you drop” on credit which has caused us to start worshipping at the FICO alter and ultimately has robbed many unable to keep up with the inflation & exorbitant interest charges of purchasing on credit. I remember when many middle class American’s owned acres of land and could afford it! Or had more than 2.5 children and could afford them!

We can restore this country and our economy. We have the opportunity to return this country to the “land of opportunity” and restore the “American Dream”. But, now is the time, and we may never have another opportunity like this again. Personally, I don’t want to imagine where another 4 or 8 years like the previous 7 will take US. We’re well on our way to a bankrupt nation, among other perils, and we’ve all been directly impacted by this administrations many and varied types of assaults.

I hope you’ll join this “Hope for America” and help us restore “the land of opportunity” and this great nation for our lifetime and for our future generations. Our founders sacrificed their lives, their blood, and their fortunes to give us this great Republic. I’m not asking for your fortunes, but a few small sacrifices now can help us all to regain personal restoration in every sense of the word “freedom”.

Please, if you haven’t already done so, go to http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ and make your best donation today!

For Freedom, Peace & Prosperity!


One comment on “5 1/2 hours left to Restore the Republic!

  1. Track the donations live on
    The donation rates are keeping steady, so it looks like November 5th will bring in at least 4 million.

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