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Ron Paul’s so called “Fringe” Support Donates Over A Million in Less Than 7 Days

Ron Paul is traveling across the country delivering the uniting messages of freedom, liberty, small federal government and ending the Iraq war. His message is timely. American citizens are seeing more clearly today, than any other time in recent history, that we can take our country back from a run away government which tramples all over our rights, our founding principles, spends money stretching our debt like a rubber band, taxes and retaxes the people and allows the Federal Reserve to counterfiet paper money creating massive inflation which robs not only our prosperity but that of our posterity. As more and more people hear his message, this “fringe” support as we’ve been long called by mainstream media has not only been growing but donating to Ron Paul’s campaign. The mainstream media may continue to ignore us, but I doubt very much the “establishment” is ignoring what is going on in the Ron Paul Revolution.

The campaign put up a half million dollar challenge for the “fringe” to meet within the last 7 days of the campaign. Just 3 days into the challenge that goal was surpassed with eager supporters encouraging to reach for a million! When I went to bed last night, day 6 of the fundraiser challenge, we were less than $70,000 away from reaching the new $1,000,000 goal! This morning with almost 15 hours left on the challenge, we’ve exceeded the $1,000,000 mark by almost $50,000! How’s that for a “fringe” group of people!

“The people” are speaking, and “the people” want to take their country and government back. This “fringe” group of people; the Ron Paul boots on the ground army are leading the brigade for a Ron Paul presidential nomination in 2008 and I don’t believe they’ll settle for anything less than Ron Paul in the oval office in 2009! Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul troops! Help us top off this fundraiser to 1.2 Million! We still have enough time to make it!

The Revolution is NOW! 



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