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The Revolution is NOW!

When Harold & I started American’s for Comprehensive Government Reform (ACGR) we vowed to find the most honest, principled person who had the common sense, intelligence, loyalty to our country, it’s citizens, our Republic and our Constitution and to promote and fully endorse this, at the time imagined person, who was worthy enough to sit in the Oval Office as President of our beloved United States of America.

Our further goal is to end the “evil, lesser evil” voting choices we’ve been forced to accept for too many years and help reclaim America’s government “of, by and for the people”. We soon found that person in Dr. Ron Paul, a 10 term Congressman in Texas, with almost a 20 year history/record demonstrating his loyalty to US. We were overjoyed when this man announced his exploratory committee.

Dr Paul, a mixture of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Taft and others of our great founders all wrapped into one great powerful package, offers US this great opportunity to restore our country to it’s great foundational roots!

If you’re on our mailing lists, you know we’ve been devoted to fulfilling our vow along with exposing any corruption from any candidate who has designs upon our future.

We’ve given Ron Paul our full support through News with Attitude, ACGR site, On the Edge blogs and mailers, formed a Northern MD Meetup grassroots campaign for him, gone to the Pittsburgh Ron Paul Rally and to Iowa to do whatever we could to help with the Straw Poll, endorsing him and spreading his name throughout all our travels and hoping to start a meetup in Akron Ohio and perhaps SW VA soon. We’re working the MD State Fair as much as possible, although we wish we had been involved in it’s planning and organizational efforts.

Regardless, we’re proud and pleased to announce we now have an opportunity to become even further involved in Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign! We are focused on obtaining the nomination by the Republican Party for Ron Paul, by far the best choice for President, 2008 election. President Ron Paul!

Join the people’s movement to take our country back and return America’s government to “of, by and for the people”, email patriotessdame@comcast.net.

The Revolution is NOW!


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