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Ron Paul, Pittsburgh & Iowa

The Pittsburgh Rally was great. Ron Paul’s Constitutional, uniting message of freedom & liberty resonates in person even better than the little breaks of MSM coverage he is allotted or by YouTube vid’s, (if possible)! The place was packed to max capacity with more people standing. Great to see you there, Phil! Unfortunately I missed a photo op for our Meetup board. We did get some photos of Ron Paul speaking as well as others who participated in the event. We’ll post those as soon as we can.

One thing we realized, even more by attending this event; if we want to restore this once great nation, and preserve our freedom & liberty, it truly will only be accomplished by the help of “grassroots” efforts by Ron Paul supporters.

Ron Paul’s message of individual freedom, liberty, 2nd Amendment protection instead of control, eliminating the Fed & IRS, keeping our rights to own property, returning to a sound monetary system and a balanced budget, restoring jobs & opportunities inside America for our citizens and his entire restore America & our countrymen agenda, is not popular with “the powers that be”. If it’s to be it’s up to US, “the people” to get the word out. It’s not a difficult job, all we need to do is talk to everyone we know and meet. It can be as simple as asking if they have heard of Ron Paul, hand them a slim jim (we have them available for everyone), and ask them to check him out!

We picked up the Pittsburgh Register the next morning, expecting rave reviews that such a fine, principled, knowledgeable, and upstanding man had hailed from their home town, who has served this country in congress for almost 20 years and is now in 3rd position as a GOP Presidential Candidate! (monetarily). Regardless that the military initially took him to Texas which he made his home, Ron Paul attributes Pittsburgh as the place that most influenced the man he is today. ABC will soon do a report on that very theme. Yet Saturday morning, the Pittsburgh Register?s front page was covered with 3 day old news, pardon me, I?m not insensitive to the bridge incident and the lives that tragedy impacted, but scouring the paper, not even a mention of Ron Paul?s presence was made.

War has been declared on “We the people” by the corporate & elite fascists on the right and similar corporate & elite socialists on the left who are determined this country will have a ruling class society, negating our Constitutional & inalienable individual rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for average Americans. It’s fully executed with the help of the silent and propaganda machines, “mainstream media”(MSM). I’m a bit beyond feeling hurt by this constant abuse. I’m angry.

There have been appeals from the Iowa Organizers for help in various ways for several weeks to make the Iowa Straw Poll the success we need it to be. Harold and I are in the unique position since he’s retired and I’m currently unemployed to have a little flexibility with our schedules. At first I thought we couldn’t afford the trip, but would do everything we could from home & send as much as possible in donations.

As we began our trip back home we talked over the situation. We decided we can’t really afford not to go to do anything we can to help out. It’s the same boots on the ground effort in Iowa that we’ve been trying to do here with one more; step please go vote in the Straw Poll! Just get to know this incredible man’s pro-America message! Perhaps post some signs, help decorate the tent, cheer him on and show our support, a little clean up after it’s over. So we’re going. 

Thanks to everyone in the entire group for all your help and contributions in the “Great Ron Paul Freedom Adventure”, (coined from Jen, in Iowa) Keep up your passion and good work! We’ll be back around 8/15.

Meanwhile, remember Meetup is a great tool to help promote Ron Paul. He has about 40,000 volunteers on Meetup! That’s a decent display of “the people’s” movement.  You can get involved with a Ron Paul Meetup group and you don’t need anyones “permission” to facilitate, implement and execute your own ideas and action plans to support and promote Ron Paul with representation befitting this courageous gentleman.

Also remember, every dime we can contribute during this time to the official Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters is vital. http://RonPaul2008.com

A good showing of increased contributions is essential to the Iowa Straw Poll results. Please don’t think small donations are pointless or useless. $20 dollar donations (the cost of a pizza) across the country quickly add up and help pay for advertising and many other essentials to the campaign. States make millions on $1-$5 lotteries, so please don’t feel any amount you can send is inconsequential! If you can send more, please do, but every bit helps add up to make an impact!

Thanks to all! God Bless America & let’s take OUR country back!


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