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Just what does treason mean? What’s your definition?

Nancy Levant, in my opinion, in her article at the following link, offers an old tried and true definition of the meaning of the word treason. How’s this for returning to our principles, when words actually meant what they said instead of today’s never ending rationalizations brought about through constant euphemisms. Sometimes I wonder about these many sources of “con” […]

Tribute to Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo February 14, 1943 – August 24, 2007 It’s a sad day to see this light go out, we will miss you. You started an awakening across this nation that I for one will be forever grateful for. Although you did many great things with, in your life, if you had only graced us with Freedom to […]

Ron Paul, Pittsburgh & Iowa

The Pittsburgh Rally was great. Ron Paul’s Constitutional, uniting message of freedom & liberty resonates in person even better than the little breaks of MSM coverage he is allotted or by YouTube vid’s, (if possible)! The place was packed to max capacity with more people standing. Great to see you there, Phil! Unfortunately I missed […]