Breaking News! Ed & Elaine Brown fired upon.

Red Alert! Shots Fired! Ed & Elaine Brown under attack around 11:45 PM eastern time Saturday night. This was not a drill, 20-30 shots were fired down near the duck pond on their property. No one was injured.

[Update] (Thanks to Prison Planet for your update. They’re now back on line)

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fear the people, there is liberty.” —-Thomas Jefferson

Ed & Elaine Brown were fired upon last night around midnight by the Feds. We need ALL concerned citizens who value YOUR freedom to help protect Ed & Elaine by helping to make the people aware of what is going on. We must do everything we can to let this tyrannous, treasonous government know “We the people” are watching them. Through the power of the internet and word of mouth prayerfully we can avoid another Ruby Ridge or Waco situation. This is only one example of the Police State this country is rapidly falling under.

If the media won’t alert the people, (shadow government/central bankers OWNED), we must do it in their stead.
Governments do kill innocent people, remember Kent State University? Earlier this year, some 20-30 years later, information was finally released confirming an “order” was given to “shoot” which killed how many innocent protestors against the Vietnam War? Their crime? Protesting another war we should not have fought. What was the benefit of that war, and every other war this country has engaged in? Lining the pockets of the powerful elite. The only value our lives have to this shadow government, wealthy elite central bankers cabal, is how we can “serve them”, not our country to line their pockets with more wealth. Where’s the people’s gold? Government is not a “friend” to the people. Research it. And research Kissinger’s quotes about our military men. Pawns.
Help save Ed & Elaine Brown’s very lives. This couple has committed NO CRIME. They are NOT dangerous criminals.
Their only “crime” is to bravely stand up against a treasonous (shadow, central bankers cabal, IRS Mafia) government who has perpetrated this great hoax on us, the American people for almost a century!

“The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

 On a local, state & federal level, talk to your public officials about Federal income tax, ask them to “show you the law”. Tell them you know the 16th Amendment was never properly radified. (See links below). Talk with your local law enforcement officers; policemen, sherrifs, all your local law enforcement officials, and talk to every military person you know. Many of them don’t know they too are being “useful idiots”, just as we have been for almost a century. Enlighten everyone you know, especially law enforcement & military about ALL the information you know. We need these people to be aware why they are or may be called upon to act against the very people they pledge to protect. 

May God Bless the Browns, America and “We the people”.  We can still stop this villianous government NOW peacefully.
Stand Up, Stand Strong, and Refuse to go Silently into the Night. “United we stand, divided we will fall”
  “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they have resisted with either words, or blows, or by both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.”—Frederick Douglas, 1849

 IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability

The Internal Revenue Service has lost a lawyer’s challenge in front of a jury to prove a constitutional foundation for the nation’s income tax, and the victorious attorney now is setting his sights higher.“I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever,” lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts. 

The Law That Never Was 

History of the 16th Amendment

http://www.tax-freedom.com (Thanks SavetheUSA





[Live with “We the People” Radio Network last night]

Patriot support in action!

Calls, emails and an emergency “We the people” broadcast spread swiftly across the nation to mobilize on behalf of Ed & Elaine Brown. Our directives; people nearby the Brown’s property to mobilize to their home with camera’s, if not local to reach the Brown’s property quickly, call the police in the Browns area (numbers below  for future reference) to let them know that “We the people” know what is going on and we’re watching their every move. Bloggers, spread the word, email everyone you can and know, spread the word for everyone out there to mobilize to protect the Browns, who have NOT committed a crime. The Federal Income Tax was never properly ratified, besides that fact, it was written as a “voluntary” action. The Browns boldly stand by their “legal” right not to continue contributing to lining the pockets of the elite central bankers with the fruits of their hard earned labor.

When we recieved our alert, Prison Planet.com site was down, whether overwhelmed by traffic or hacked in an attempt to impede the mobilization.

We called all the law enforcement offices, I was told by Plainfield, NH dispatcher that there was no one available to talk to me about the situation. I asked if they were on their property, he said he couldn’t tell me that information. The Sherrif’s department had a recording stating it was after regular business hours. The TV news station said they were trying to find out what was going on, then said “there’s nothing going on there”.

The situation at the Browns

First one shot was fired which alerted everyone on the the Brown property,  supporters stepped outside their RV to investigate, then rounds of shots began to sound off. The fog was thick, of course it’s nighttime, and they could not see anyone, yet shots were fired in 2 or 3 successions. At 3:21 am, they were still hearing noises around the property. They were unsure if they were actually still under seige, if they were being tested to see what kind of mobilization they their supporters could yeild, or if this was a psy-op to try to get the Brown’s and supporters to make a move so they can move in on them locked and loaded.

A Journalist comes forward to the real “free” media

A Tennessee journalist called  into the show to report that a “rule 34”; media blackout had been ordered at his media outlet about the Ed & Elaine Brown situation. He further explained that all news stories must be approved throough the editor before stories are covered and the government has ordered the media blackout about them. Government does not want the people to know they attack people for protecting their rights.

Be very aware that freedom & liberty is quickly vanishing

A gentleman from France called to let the people know that the same type of situations are happening there. This is a world wide movement toward “One World Order”, this is not a conspiracy “theory” it is a fact. Situations like this are happening nationwide. A man who told Dick Cheney his foreign policy on the Iraq War was despicable was arrested and carted away to the police department for disagreeing last year.

A man in MD, this week, was taken by the police department  for selling “Impeach” buttons. He was not arrested, he was literally picked up , against his will, by 4 police officers and taken against his will and put into a squad car. (This video is a little long, watch the first minute as an intro then slide the bar to 10 minutes and watch this stunning ‘abduction’.)

Updating events as they unfold at the Browns

At 4:20 eastern time, a supporter from the Browns property called and the situation is still live; someone from the outside was “shaking the hell out of my trailer” from the outside. Elaine called in and confirmed the situation.

Around 4:45 Central time, Ed Brown got through on the phone line to make a statement. He had been on the bullhorn talking to the Feds. Ed Brown called the sneaking cowardly IRS Mafia Federalies to come out of the shadows into the daylight, face to face, in the daylight. “This is MY country” Ed Brown says, “and I’m not going to let any puke take it away from me. We will NOT go silently into the night”.


People, all across this nation need to understand the seriousness of this situation. Mainstream media, will not tell you what is going on, because they are owned by the government. The government is owned by the elite central bankers. They are robbing us blind. Today the average American has to work 4 months out of the year just to line the eletists pockets. This was not what our founders had in mind when the drew the Constitution for our Republic. Read our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence which was written to protect the people from rouge, treasonous, tyrannical government. If “the people” do not stand up and reclaim this nation, our freedom, we are very quickly slipping into a dictatorship. Also read “The Law”, (link on this site), you’ll quickly recognize how our law enforcement system has become perverted.

Ok, we’ve been up all night monitoring this situation. We know for right now at least, everyone is safe. I’ll refine this tomorrow and update with links.

News WMUR 800-257-5151

603-225-1632 US Marshalls
603-643-2222 Plainfield, NH Police Department
603-863-4200 Sullivan Co Sherrif needs to give feds written permission to move in on Browns property (tell them NO CRIME)

These people are responsible to guarantee the Brown’s safety.Insure they do it. 


4 comments on “Breaking News! Ed & Elaine Brown fired upon.

  1. If you think you live with a , and I quote you “tyrannous, treasonous government”, maybe you should pack your bags and try living in Iran, Russia, China, etc. for a year or so. Then you can drag your traitor ass back to the USA (if you survive) and kiss the ground and be thankful you are a citizen of the greatest country in the world. If you don’t like this country than get the *** out.

  2. First George I can see you’ve swallowed a full jar of the “blue” matrix pills…too bad for you.

    Second, I do love my country and hope to help save her from completely becoming like one of those countries you mentioned. The only hope of doing that is waking up the ignorant’s like yourself who continue to believe we still live in a free America. Where have you been for at least the last 6 years? But back to Ed & Elaine Brown? This great hoax perpetrated on American’s is almost 100 years old. Pull your head out of your anus and take a look around. What kind of country arrests its citizens for disagreeing with “the establishment’s” policies? What kind of country steals elections? What kind of country steals from its citizens to benefit the elite? You probably supported the Patriot Act while waving your American Flag. Have you ever read any history? Or do you just buy into everything mainstream media and the establishment spoon feed you every day? Rhetorical question. I’m not the traitor here.

    Third, if you ever post on my site again, watch your profanity. I don’t like to censor comments, but my family and friends visit this “G” rated site and I will not have it marred with offensive profanity.

  3. I see that Ed and Elaine are now in prison. The marshalls wormed their way into their house on false pretenses. I wonder how that will play out.

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