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Ramos & Compean Protest, Philly Mexican Consolate-So call me a racist, I no longer care.

Last Saturday was an incredibly beautiful day to have the honor and privelage to protest on behalf of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean for the great and terrible injustice our judicial system has brought upon them. Most of you who read these posts are all very aware of this situation and while I know America’s patriots are spread across this great nation I was still surprised and bewildered as we drove past the protest sight in front of the Mexican Consulate directly in front of Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Our wonderful hosts and the sponsors of this protest, Dave of Digger’s Realm & Ruth of Illegal Protest, had been joined by one lone faithful and concerned citizen, Ray, who had driven all the way from Reading Pennsylvania to take a stand for justice in this great city whose rich history should literally fill the senses of every man, woman and child who enters it with life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness.

Harold & I arrived late after being caught in construction on our way and I’m sure they thought we too were going to join the many “no shows”, yet you could certainly tell these three would not be daunted by a little inconvenience like standing alone for what they believe is right, just and true. We hurridly parked and as we walked the short distance to join them we could hear Ruth on the bullhorn enlightening the people, see Digger handing out literature and talking with passers by and Ray pulling duty with a protest sign around his neck, the American flag in one hand and video camera in the other. All three proudly demonstrating their service, conviction and dedication to this country, the Border Patrol law enforcement agents, whose worst crime was to dare to do their jobs, and to Lady Justitia, whose scales of justice have been severly tipped in the wrong direction in this case. We were proud and honored to have the opportunity to join them.

After brief greetings, since the protest was well under way, we took signs and literature that Ruth & Digger had worked very hard to have available and were kind enough to supply, while Digger explained how they were protesting. Harold & I often have many more commitments going on than we can feasibly handle and this was evidenced no more clearly than Saturday by our late arrival, and when I attempted to join them hawking out information to “the people” and stumbling over my words from the two hours sleep I was running on.

Before attending this protest I had begun to think a large number of “the people” were beginning to wake up from apathetic, indifferent and ignorant slumbers and once again take pride in America and what we used to represent. And it is true that many passersby were receptive to our information and our cause, both American citizens and foreign nationals (evidently legal), young foreign students and adults alike. One lady took the information I handed her obviously without understanding a word I said and presented it to a younger woman for interpretation, I had spoken to the younger woman earlier who was sympathetic to our protest. There were several foreign national groups who spoke little to no english but each little group seemed to have an interpreter, and it wasn’t really surprisingly to me considering the illegal alien problems abroad, that many of the foreign nationals seemed more receptive to our information than many American citizens.

So while many American citizens were both sympathetic and receptive, just as many more displayed a lot of ignorance and apathy, which later caused me to rethink that American’s in general are learning anything. Maybe the difference is between the city and small towns. Harold & I have been working in a “boots on the ground” effort to introduce Ron Paul’s name and message to the people who don’t use the web because you can also bet mainstream media will avoid his message as much as possible. We live in a small town and when we deliver his message in small towns it’s well recieved overall. The people we’ve been meeting in that endeavor seem hungry for the message of freedom & liberty and seem to understand the difference between “security” and “freedom”.

I guess in a city individuals become more obscure. People will turn their heads to avoid looking at you, some look through you as if you’re completely invisible and these people annoy, irritate and frustrate me. In my opinion, they are the proof that many people don’t care. They are the lazy, apathetic, self absorbed and indifferent ones who will be bitten hardest in the ass and deserve whatever they get.

I can deal with the openly ignorant and those in opposition. They may be ill informed but at least they care.

One girl with a guy walked by me refusing my literature offering while making hateful disgusted faces. I watched her walk away. Her opposition evidently got the best of her because she turned around and seemed to want to intimidate me by getting up in my face. When I leaned closer into that space she didn’t seem to know how she wanted to proceed. After taking off her sun glasses so I could see her wide expressive eyes then a few exasperated sighs she asked where my ancestors came from. When I reponded yes my ancestors were very early immigrants, (without going through my entire family tree that also includes but is not limited to American Indians, my ancestoral discussion really could have taken all day), her anger welled up to overflow as she tried to make her case. When I simply retorted that you can’t “break” a law where none exists she stumbled trying to make a new approach. She evidently was trying to make a case for the racial bias we’re all accused of being and the next line for her rationale,  first assuming, then asking if I oppose “legal” immigration, when I replied an emphatic no she simply twirled and walked away. I would have liked to continue that conversation. I would have liked to tell her if I opposed “legal” immigration, (which I do not in a sensible manner), it would probably eliminate about half of my current family. I would have also liked to tell her she was missing the point, that the protest was a demonstration against the injustice of Ramos, Compean, and the other agents suffering this grave injustice. And given the opportunity I would have liked to tell her, YES, I want ALL ILLEGALS DEPORTED and I couldn’t care less about the color of their skin or where they come from.

I was encouraged when one man walked up and started talking with Ruth & Digger, before long I looked around and he was handing out literature and talking with people, too. People such as him cause me to have hope. Seeing people across the web who were just as naive just over a year ago as many of people on the streets of Philadelphia were Saturday also gives me hope. When you see or hear about someone trying to stand up for your justice and liberty if you can’t go out on the streets and stand with them, maybe you could offer a helping hand in another way. There’s much work and preparation that goes into these rally’s and trying to be vigilant, maybe you could offer to try to help advertise it, offer to help make signs, offer to try to get others to attend. Right now we all have lives and responsibilities of our own design, such as they are, it may not always be that way. You may wake up in the not too distant future and realize your own relative has been carted off to prison for disagreeing with the government or wake up and realize that we are no longer a free nation. Then it will be too late to stand for the Ramos & Compeans of the world who not only proudly and courageously served to protect our borders but also represent your own freedom and liberty. Is that the kind of nation you want to live in?

I learned a lot from this protest and our comrads Saturday. I also learned a great deal from “the people” and actually a lot more about myself. First I thought of designing a t-shirt with photo’s representing all my immigrant relatives, past & present including my Indian great-grandmother with feathers in her hair, captioning legal around the current day ones and no law around the others on one side, while the other side would read something like; ‘Don’t call me a racist because I want justice.’ Then I decided I don’t care how many people call me a racist. If people would bother to get a little knowledge then use their common sense, they can see the beyond the lies these special interest groups espouse when they have no legitimate argument.  So go ahead all of you who will call us names. The truth is self evident.


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