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How to send illegals back home

How to send illegals back home 

World Net Daily Commentary

By Earl Clampett

Mr. Bush and his supporters in the current immigration debate are saying it is impossible to deport 12 million illegal aliens in this country. We simply cannot. Really?

If the supporters of this latest amnesty bill will look to the not-too-distant past, they would observe that our country as recently as 53 years ago under President Dwight D. Eisenhower successfully deported or forced into voluntary repatriation an estimated 1.2 million aliens within a single year period of time using only about 750 border agents.

I won’t say the name of the operation because it is not politically correct. Many go apoplectic when they hear the name of the operation, so let’s call it by another name. Since I’m of Irish descent, let’s call it hypothetically “Operation Leprechaun” so I won’t be labeled as bigoted. That is not its real name, but it will do for now so I can have a chance to explain why it worked in the past and can certainly work in the present.

All we have to do is continue to apply pressure to our government to enforce the 1986 immigration laws on the books currently.

All we have to do is build the original border fence that was passed into law (without funding) last year.

All we have to do is enforce the employer sanctions that were part of the 1986 law that were rarely, if ever, applied.

All we have to do is to support our Border Patrol instead of criminally prosecuting border officers based on political pressure from Mexico.

All we have to do is to start interior enforcement. When word gets out we are serious about enforcing the 1986 law, many, many will understand the seriousness of repetitive law breaking and will depart on their own just like they did in 1954.

All we have to do is to communicate very loudly and clearly and often that we are not interested in becoming the North American counterpart of the European Union and that we have done quite nicely, thank you, being a sovereign nation.

This immigration bill has caused a revival of our citizens to finally awaken from their slumber of watching “American Idol.” Politicians who dismiss these revived patriots as “bigots” and “nativists” need to be told by means of e-mail and telephone calls that unemployment is a very near reality for them.

All we have to do is to rally in the streets of “elite-land” Washington and remind our out-of-touch representatives just who is serving whom.

All we have to do is to be even-handed about who is required to leave and go to the back of the legal immigration line. (As you said, Mr. Bush, “We are a nation of laws”… or were you only kidding?) All colors, races and creeds (yes, including white Irish Leprechauns) would be subject to the same scrutiny.

You see, Mr. and Mrs. Globalist and New World Order politicians, we who love our country as originally designed do not care what color or ethnicity illegal aliens happen to be. To remain a sovereign country you need to actually enforce your borders and immigration laws across the board. Then we could allow in legal immigrants of all races who have played by the rules.

You see it’s not about race, you spinners of the truth; it’s about legal immigrant status.

Or do you have something else planned for the ignorant masses? Perhaps a new national entity like the North American Union that this amnesty bill would help bring about?

All we have to do to control immigration is to get serious about the fact that we have the capability to begin to deport (the legal consequence of breaking and entering our country) the 632,000 who have “absconded” by having snubbed their noses at court orders to appear in immigration proceedings.

All we have to do is deport those who have overstayed their student or tourist visas.

All we have to do is to deport anyone illegally here who has committed an additional state or local crime.

Then the outpouring of voluntary repatriation will begin in earnest, just like it happened in 1954. Those who violated our laws got the idea that we were serious about immigration law enforcement, and they began to leave in droves. After 80,000 were deported, the Border Patrol estimated another 500,000 to 700,000 left on their own. All of this occurred with in the first year.

If we won’t enforce the 1986 immigration laws, why would we possibly think President Bush would finally get serious about border enforcement in this bill?

Perhaps we will finally get serious about deportations after the next series of domestic attacks occur, this time with dirty radiation bombs and suitcase nukes that will take out millions of our citizens. Al-Qaida has a fatwa that promises to take out 10 million of us to even up the score. They are serious and they are already here.

They came in through the open back door.

Which is it? We cannot or we will not?


One comment on “How to send illegals back home

  1. we must vote to stop these law breakers and send them home we don’t have to get more judges just send them home and they will get the message come legally and go threw our system legal we have to why should our government let them do this to the taxpayers stop this before it bankrupts our country are they scarred ju

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