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American Genocide? by Marge Wall

American Genocide?

Stop manufacturing in America.   Close and move the factories to Third World countries.Outsource American jobs.   Import American food from the Third World. 
What we don’t import the illegal aliens can handle after all what’s a little E.coli now and then when everything is so much cheaper?
What the hell…Import everything including Third World labor!  In short…GLOBALIZE.Is there still some poor Smuck left out there in LA LA land that still believes Globalization is really for “The People” or will truly benefit any civilized country with a Middle Class?   

Obscene profits for a compact group of very savvy world citizens is not the real reason now is it?   The dictionary defines obscene as an adjective “offending accepted standards of decency; offensive or disgusting”.  “morally repugnant through being excessive: obscene pay rises.”
Wow! Who knew?   Remember that list of CEO salaries that was published not long ago?
 Global is Global and has no humanitarian agenda anymore than it has any interest in restrictive borders, some stupid countries’ sovereignty or the nuisance of a “Middle Class” society.

You don’t have to believe me or any other voice speaking out.   All you have to do is look around, observe and think for yourself.

On December 7, 1941 America was attacked at Pearl Harbor and the next day FDR declared war on Japan. Italy and Germany then declared war on America and so began our involvement in WWII.   We fought on two fronts.   We galvanized our factories to record production levels to provide for our troops and those at home.  What an effort!    What a Country! Americans were not diversified, they were united and they pulled together with one goal in a fight that was to end all future wars. 
Well, that war did not end the threat to our Country, if anything, the threats to America and the entire civilized world have grown in strength and intensity as the Third World especially the Middle East grew wealthy with oil profits and one-sided trade agreements.    Our money did nothing to assuage their hatred for America and Western Europe.
China is joyfully counting the profits from American consumers, beefing up their military and dreaming of world supremacy.
 We have financially enabled our enemies and empowered them to become an imminent and impending threat that now presents a far greater danger to our existence than we have ever faced before.  Now how tolerant is that?   Politically Correct?   You Bet! TOLERANCE.   Who has tolerated who?    Tolerance has been one-sided and practiced only by Western Europe and those referred to as “Stupid Americans”.

When the next armed conflict begins, we cannot galvanize our factories to record production levels to provide for our troops and those at home.   WE HAVE NO FACTORIES.WE ARE NOT SELF-SUFFICIENT AND NEITHER ARE OUR ALLIES. Now use your brain and tell me what happens next?



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