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Letters to the Hearing Impaired

From the desk of:
An American Chauvinist in Maryland!

Mr. President,

It is imperative that you immediately authorize enforcement of our current laws to restrict illegal immigration.

You have had 6 years to secure our borders but, unfortunately, you have instead encouraged millions more illegal aliens to enter our nation unlawfully, encouraged the creation of sanctuary cities and attempted to destroy our sovereignty by implementing the Security & Prosperity Partnership.

And when you don’t get your way, you accuse your opponents of being afraid of diversity and of being unpatriotic.

Let’s get one thing straight right now — WE ARE PATRIOTS, and we will be in D.C. June 14th – 16th to exhibit our patriotism to the nation.


Might I suggest, Mr. President, look out your windows in the direction of the Washington Monument to see REAL patriotism!!!


“We the people …” say, “Enforce current immigration law and secure our borders NOW!!!”




Ladies & Gentlemen of Congress,

Get your heads out of your rectal darknesses!

Approve ONLY legislation that will provide for America’s security!

And, when President Bush states unequivocally that the Senate bill is NOT “amnesty”, bear in mind his obscure knowledge of the English language. He undoubtedly doesn’t have a clue to the meaning of the word “amnesty”!

Forget about your so-called friends at the CFR, Trilateral Commission & the Bilderbergs! They do NOT elect you to the office you presently occupy!

Listen to your constituents! They DO further your political ambitions!

It is YOUR mandate to secure our borders — that YOU fund and provide border security, workplace enforcement and deter illegal immigration!


It is YOUR Constitutional duty to provide for our security and that of future generations of American citizens.


If you refuse to do so,  “We the people …” have an abundance of pink slips available, and we will NOT hesitate to hand them out to each and every one of you!


Remember the 2006 elections?


Remember the Alamo!!!


About Harold

Co-founder of "Americans for Comprehensive Government Reform". Research & distribution of daily e-newsletter, "News with Attitude".

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