The Rebirth of S1348

Is there anyone that actually believes all the headlines that read “Amnesty Bill is Dead!” last Friday following the two failed cloture votes?

I’m not even sure that it was knocked down, let alone killed. I think instead it is “playing possum”. Senator Reid pulls the bill because he knows that it can’t pass (yet), then immediately creates political pressure on the President by dubbing it “Bush’s Bill”. The President, still in Europe, almost immediately starts the verbal arm-twisting, with the physical to come this week upon his return.

Imagine for a moment that your childhood dream has come true, and you’re a United States Senator. A bill is being debated, and since it is a fairly complex bill with seemingly good and bad points, you haven’t made up your mind how you want to vote on it. A cloture vote comes up…how do you vote on the motion? Do you vote against cloture and let the debate continue, to give yourself more time to sort things out? Or do you vote for cloture and force an up-or-down vote? If cloture passes, either with or without your help, how do you now vote on the bill?

Here’s how the two Ohio Senators’ office staff responded today to my questions:

  • 1) What is the Senator’s position on S1348?
    • The Senator doesn’t have a stated position on the bill yet, and since it’s not being currently debated, probably will not release one soon.
  • 2) Why did the Senator vote for the cloture motion on S1348?
    • The Senator wanted to end debate, force an up-or-down vote, and move on to other issues.
  • 3) Since the Senator voted to force the up-or-down vote by voting for cloture, how would he have voted on the bill?
    • I don’t know!

So both of my Senators “didn’t know” how they would vote on the bill, but voted for the motion to force the vote, but their office can’t tell me how they would have voted when they had to!

Keep an eye out the next time Paris Hilton breaks a fingernail and consumes all of the news stories, because when you least expect it, S1348 will spring back to life and be pushed though faster than you can…

Sorry, I know that’s never happened in American history before. I don’t know what got over me…




3 comments on “The Rebirth of S1348

  1. Excellent post & perspective here, Nuke. When they can’t “Snow” us…(hum, truly no punn intended, but since it worked out I’ll take it) they try to wear us out. We’re all getting tired, but we MUST hold this line!

    March for America should be interesting in DC this weekend as the “Amnesty Train” arrives. I doubt very much this is coincidental.

    If any of us start to get disheartened by our attempts I highly encourage everyone to read Thomas Jefferson’s memoirs while helping to orchestrate our independence from the British! They’re not only inspiring but offer many fine strategies…

    It does not take a majority, just the courage and dedication of a few. Whether the “majority” show up for the march in DC, and the amnesty train shipped in for their representation outnumber us, we know, we are the majority working all across this nation, even while we will not present all of numbers in one place.

    Hold the line! We CAN defeat this.

  2. UPDATE 20070615

    A new compromise has been reached! Each side will get only 11 more amendments that can be debated, and then the bill will be voted. The debate will probably resume next week AND THE VOTE IS PROMISED BEFORE THE INDEPENDENCE DAY RECESS!!!!

    Call, write, fax, e-mail your Senators starting right now, and continuing through next week. Don’t let them think that the grass roots effort is over.

    I reminded my Senator that I showed EX-Senator DeWine how pleased I was with the “Gang of 14” in 2006 and that I would do likewise with the “Gang of 15” (they need 15 to switch their votes).

    Republican Senators up for reelection in 2008:

    AL – Jeff Sessions
    AK – Ted Stevens
    CO – Wayne Allard
    GA – Saxby Chambliss (I understand he’s already feeling the heat!)
    ID – Larry Craig
    KS – Pat Roberts
    KY – Mitch McConnell
    ME – Susan Collins
    MN – Norm Coleman
    MS – Thad Cochran
    NE – Chuck Hagel
    NH – John Sununu
    NM – Pete Domenici
    NC – Elizabeth Dole
    OK – Jim Inhofe
    OR – Gordon Smith
    SC – Lindsey Graham
    TN – Lamar Alexander
    TX – John Cornyn
    VA – John Warner
    WY – Mike Enzi

    PLEASE keep the pressure up!

    Ohio, USNA, ZC2BD

  3. Just heard Warner may switch his vote in favor, plus rumor has it pres is bribing Senators with pork.

    Yes, call, email & fax them all week long. Rev up the pressure! Call them all, your district or not, they’re all US Senators.

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