Americans ARE intelligent human beings! By Marge Wall

We must exhibit a healthy skepticism and confirm for ourselves the truth of government and media proclamations.  We are intelligent human beings and not mindless drones! 4 or 5 years ago I would not have questioned our media news sources. 4 or 5 years ago I would have considered someone a Kook if they even suggested that the media was being deliberately used to manipulate public opinion. The Internet has opened up the world to ordinary people.   We talk to each other in an unprecedented way. We no longer have to rely on what we are told.
We can see, hear, communicate with each other then draw our own conclusions and make our own judgements.
It is the basic principle of spin tactics to repeat the same thing over and over and over again. 
Do it with authority and make it sound plausible and it will be accepted as truth.
This world is full of many unscrupulous individuals and countries whose ability to acquire money and power and then to retain both, more often than not depends upon their ability to control the media thereby enabling them to manipulate and direct public opinion……. These are people who want to promote a “Global Economy”.  A world where the wealthy rule and are “World” citizens.  There would be no country with sovereignty.  There would be those who employed and everyone else would be their employees.    That concept “Global Economy” should scare the people in America and every civilized European country.
Think….Really think about what it means…What it entails…. AND
Exactly HOW it must be implemented.
Follow the money!   Follow it to the Middle East and Muslim fanatics.
Follow it to China with it’s dream of world domination.

The wealthiest individuals in the world were just profiled and did any of you notice or were you surprised at the number of Muslim and Third World billionaires?Consider all of the events that have transpired especially in the last 4-5 years.
With Dubai, Mexico, China  and the out sourcing of American jobs to other countries like India.
Trade deficit is more than just a financial and political phrase.  It means that our goods are taxed so heavily that they are not marketable while we do not apply restrictive taxes to products from China, Korea, Mexico or any other country.  Why is that? Could this be interpreted as an act of aggression disguised as trade and designed to cripple America?   Well….Could it?
A global conflict is already happening….It is not called World War III… it is called Globalization and the weapons are Money and Trade.   The destruction of America is already in progress!
A radical statement?  What do you think?
Cheap foreign made goods are flooding our market and American made items of quality are discouraged.  
Why is that?  There is no “Made in America” or “Look for the Union Label”  not anymore. 
Why is that?  When did it happen?
Corporations moving operations to third world countries.  American infrastructures being sold to foreign interests.  A government sanctioned and encouraged influx of millions of foreign nationals all Third World with most from Mexico flooding the American job market with cheap labor.Displacing and disenfranchising Middle Class Americans at a measured deliberate pace.
The same thing is happening in Briton and the other European countries.Americans still do not understand that Political Party affiliation does not matter anymore.  Major political members of  both parties are under global control and their concern is not the people of America.  
Those politicians who still act and sound like Americans are vastly outnumbered and in minor positions.
The very concept of a Sovereign Country is considered OUTDATED.  They just haven’t bothered to tell us or ask for our approval.Assess the situation and consider all of the events as connected.  Consider the current president and administration and their systematic seizure of power…..at their manipulation and efforts to control information and their use of a complicit media…..at their disregard for the laws and constitution of this country.  Consider the merger and control of government agencies, control of the CIA…Homeland security…
Gutierrez with dual citizenship, in charge of the Dept. of Commerce and Gonzales as the Attorney General, the top law enforcement official in America, both men are tied to La Raza. 
Specifically selected Federal prosecutors strategically placed throughout America.
All of these people and events are easily researched online and I urge you to do so. 
This country is now functioning as a veritable Candy Store for Mexico and the Third World.
How long do you suppose this country, this society, this culture can endure this onslaught of humanity from Mexico and the Third World?
No country in the world could withstand for long an intrusion of this magnitude…. The awful truth?  Like many other Americans, I have finally come to the conclusion that it is not intended that we survive this deliberately orchestrated third world onslaught. 


7 comments on “Americans ARE intelligent human beings! By Marge Wall

  1. OOC: I just replied to that idiot Clapso. After he insulted you on my Blog. Sorry it took so long, the comp crashed really hard, and I just got it back up and running.

  2. I have finally come to the conclusion that it is not intended that we survive this deliberately orchestrated third world onslaught.

    Many of us have come to the same conclusion, but the question remains: How do we combat it?

    And by “it”, I don’t mean just the invasion across our border, but rather the whole movement of the One Worlders.

    The most popular answer is that we vote them out. But that is not only a slow process, but also provides no guarantee that the replacement will be better. And why not? Because when we vote, we still prefer to vote Party lines, picking the “lesser of two evils” candidate, who then usually turns out not to be much less of an evil after he gets into power.

    Voting has to be done for what’s right. If the “lesser of two evils” candidate still has serious issues that are wrong, then why vote for him? You’re only contributing to the problem.

    You have to vote for the candidate that you can support with a clear conscience. If you don’t, you’re not only adding to the demise of your country, but lessening your own integrity.

    And as for this immigration issue (it’s far from over yet), you need to keep calling, writing, and e-mailing your Senators to let them know what you want.

    Ohio, USNA, ZC2BD

  3. Nuke, I generally have respect for philosophical points, but in this “fight” for our nations sovereignty and our attempts to combat this NWO agenda I dare compare it to both borderline defeatist attitude and political correctness. While I completely agree with the rest of your post, I take exception to a mind set of your initial “conclusion”. While I am certian “the establishment’s” intention is to force feed “rule” vs our Constitutional form of “government”;

    “The people” are waking up to the fact that we are under attack by a sinister, tyrannical movement who would love to overthrow our sovereignty and our freedom, demonstrated within our very government body and our top “leaders”.

    “The people” are aware of how to break the dominant voter duopoly.

    “The people” are aware MSM are the propaganda machines for this movement and are looking on their own for viable alternatives to “evil/lesser evil” voting.

    “The people” are aware we need to ensure voter integrity.

    “The people” know how to find out who DOES and DOES NOT have this country’s best interests at heart by simply checking these candidates past history voting records.

    “The people” are becoming more and more aware of Congressman Ron Paul’s message of “freedom” and true hope for America and his nearly 2 decades demonstration of working entirely in this country’s & the people’s best interest. It’s easy enough to see where they have been is where they will go in the future.

    “The people” are more aware today that we MUST be vigilant to protect & preserve our freedom & liberty than we have been in many years.

    “The people” know how to fight and defeat this treasonous attempt to destroy our nation.

    “The people” are exercising the “do it yourself impeachment measures” to get this rogue administration out of power, no longer willing to trust or wait for the democrats to live up to their promised “on the table” impeachment proposals.

    Today, more than any time in our recent history, “the people” ARE using our intelligence & independent thinking abilities to stand up and save this nation rather than sulkingly wondering “what can we do”?

    “We the people” know what to do, and we are doing it.

  4. Thank you Patricksperry! We’ve all been busily fighting for our nation, our freedom & our liberty as the liberals diligently try to defeat us. Your post was excellent and I thank you for your response not only in my behalf, but for the integrity of the majority of this nation. Sadly, we sat back long enough to let the “few” appear to represent the majority, but I’m encouraged that is now a thing of the past and a new strengh is arising from the true majority of American citizens! You have an excellent website which clearly defines your position for this nations direction. Ok, we have a storm coming in so I have to shut down now too. Thanks!

  5. Patriotessdame –
    The purpose of my last post was twofold: first, to acknowledge that “it is not intended that we survive” with our sovereignty and freedoms, and second, to elicit responses as to what to do other than the traditional “vote them out”. Your post shows that I succeeded on that point!

    I don’t consider myself a defeatist on this, but I’ll admit that you’re more optimistic than I am. What I see is that if we don’t do enough and soon enough, we may not have many more chances.

    I fully agree with your “the people” statements, but have comments on two of them:

    ““The people” know how to fight and defeat this treasonous attempt to destroy our nation.”—this was my question of how we were to defeat the attempt.

    ““The people” are exercising the “do it yourself impeachment measures”…”—forgive my ignorance, but I’m not sure what you mean. I’m aware of the “impeach Cheney” websites, but are you referring to something more?

    I am optimistic that more people seem to be aware of what is happening, and more are trying to take action. Where your optimism far exceeds mine I guess would be in the apparent quantity that you feel are at this point already. Believe me, I hope you’re right!

    The initial failure of S1348 was a good sign and may indicate that you are indeed right. The big test will come though when the bill comes up again–whether we can maintain the necessary pressure on our Senators.

    Ohio, USNA, ZC2BD

  6. Nuke,

    You make a great, important and valuable contribution not only to “the people” but to our corner of the world “On the edge”. There are many times in my rush and haste I tend to respond emotionally rather than necessarily logically to items I read. When I read: “I have finally come to the conclusion that it is not intended that we survive this deliberately orchestrated third world onslaught.” My mind went much further to perhaps a passion or even fear that “We” must not accept “their” intention as a foregone conclusion, or probably more accurately, translated to acceptance as a final result. If that makes sense. While I completely agree it is the One Worlder’s intention, that in itself, makes me reject it, rather vehemently.

    I did not mean to attack you, and I apologize for it coming across as so. My passionate rejection, if you will, is directed wholly toward “their” overall plan/intention as being our final result.

    I was, am, and I’m sure will always be grateful for your contribution as we all strive to reclaim all we have lost and prevent further destructions. (I no longer apologize if statements such as that may sound melodramatic, as I peruse websites and information I realize the majority of our populace seems to have become ever increasingly aware the state of our Union is on a fast track to demise of our inalienable rights of freedom & liberty, and our Constitutional foundation and sovereignty very nearly destroyed. It now appears anyone who does not realize the grave nature of our situation by now is totally disconnected with reality.)

    I know you’re not a defeatist and I regret and retract making that inference.
    I believe you are absolutely correct that “We the people” need to get our collective plans and actions accomplished quickly and do everything within our power to avert-STOP these assaults.

    I don’t try to pretend to have all the answers. But I do believe “We” collectively have them, we just don’t see many of them clearly, yet. I’ve spent massive amounts of time presenting a collection of ideas, on “What will you do for freedom?” page. There are many groups across this nation taking on this challenge to devise plans, actions for solutions/ resolutions to many of the assaults we continually face.

    These ideas are not my creation, but this site was created to try to present a blueprint for more of a concise overall plan or approach to resolution, was my intention.

    I would welcome anyone and everyone who shares this mission/ideal of restoring, reclaiming our country, our Republic and our government to expound on that attempt.

    Combining “What will you do for freedom?” and “NWO/SPP/NWO” pages of information…collections from various groups & individuals work & efforts, we should be able to formulate a viable, workable and effective plan, I believe.

    There is a wealth of information available to us to combat what all boils down to a NWO plan/agenda to globalize and destroy the sovereignty of nations, destroy our economy, redistribute wealth from “the people” to the elite, rendering us as slaves to fascist “rule” vs. a government “of, by and for the people”, along with a plethora of other unsavory and sinister goals.

    In the beginning of our work we were dedicated to “waking up” America. Many groups and individuals have been working in that vein for years. I do believe the majority of Americans today are now aware, and becoming increasingly more so.

    Now we just have to figure out, as you pointed out, how to stop it.
    I’ve tried to use this platform to present a collection of options from various groups as to how to do just that on those pages. It may not be entirely complete, but I believe it’s a good start and as I said, I encourage others to contribute more solutions I have missed.

    We may not be engaged in physical combat but we are clearly at war. Bits and pieces here and there are fine, but I like to see a whole picture for direction and I’ve tried to present one here.

    The “do it yourself” Cheney impeachment measure I mentioned is on the “What will you do for freedom?” page. When you click on the “Impeach Dick Cheney” link, you’re asked a survey question; “Do you believe Dick Cheney should be impeached?” If you answer ‘yes’, you have an option to get involved. The group sends their plans by email that explains how it works. I’ve also posted their first email in the comments section on that page.

    I didn’t outline the the collaboration of various action ideas others are taking into a bulleted plan on that page, although I first thought I should. But if you follow the introduction of each step hopefully it becomes fairly clear.

  7. PatriotessDame –

    No apology is necessary. I didn’t take it as a personal attack, but rather as me not conveying my message properly.

    But please, NEVER hesitate to let me know if I should stray or start to appear defeated!

    And I sincerely hope that there are indeed enough patriots out there to put a stop to this elitist overthrow of our Republic. It was a great sign when S1348 was defeated last week. But the test will be whether we can maintain the pressure on the Senators. If not, that in itself is a major loss. If we maintain the pressure then we’ve done our part in the peaceful process. Then it will be up to the Senators to decide if they still believe in government “of the People, by the People, and for the People”. If they don’t, then is the Republic still in place or has the elitist overthrow been accomplished?
    Is there another Jefferson among us that can update “When in the Course of human events…”?

    Ohio, USNA, ZC2BD

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