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But they were invited, we were just sleeping…by Marge Wall

My friend Patti put into words what most Americans are feeling when she said, They come into our Country, and make themselves at home, even though, they have not been invited, and they sneak across the border, to have all the benefits American’s have.”
Unfortunately…..They have been invited. 

The invitation didn’t come from American citizens, it came from global business.The Global folks have taken over our government in order to take over our country.Worse, if truth be told, many of those with Global connections and/or aspirations are in office and an integral part of our government.    NAU  ..  SPP  ..  NWO ..  GLOBAL MARKET ..These programs are part and parcel of the same thing and a large cheap labor pool is necessary.

Globalization and sovereignty are not compatible and never could be.  The only allegiance that will work with a global system is allegiance to the system.
You can’t allow the interests of some country to interfere.. now can you?

A “Middle Class” is not part of their equation and will be eliminated.
I remember deleting emails from people who were saying what I am saying now.
Kooks and Alarmists.. I thought to myself.  Well, I changed my mind with a little help from everything happening all around me. 
I simply can no longer ignore or explain away everything that is happening in any other way. 
Can you?    

The 2008 race has begun…
The Bush presidency is almost over and they are in a hurry now.    Look how frenzied the efforts have become..look how determined they are.  It is truly frightening to watch.
Oh…have you noticed two terror plots foiled.  
Time to distract those annoying citizens so they can get the “immigration reform” completed.

Can any of you name a Third World country with a  significant “Middle Class”?America and Western Europe created and defined “Middle Class” and we prospered.
We prospered while the Third World watched and waited……

The “Middle Class” in smaller European countries can be altered a lot easier than in America.   I am not a Master Schemer like the people we are probably dealing with, But if I wanted to take out The American “Middle Class” in the fastest most efficient way possible, what better way than to actually flood the country with the Third World right outside the door?     

Promote the migration of an uneducated, instant worker pool to overwhelm the current population by sheer force of numbers.  An influx of people SO MASSIVE that Americans won’t know what hit them until it is too late.  
Simple isn’t it?   Who should we thank for such a brilliant Idea?  Karl Rove?
I must stop rambling now and see if I can find something stronger than cough syrup to go with that soda in the refrigerator……….


One comment on “But they were invited, we were just sleeping…by Marge Wall

  1. I agree completely that the Mexicans are here now because they were invited not only by big business, but by our government. How else do you explain President Bush’s lack of concern for enforcing border security? The Mexicans were well aware that not only did they have promises of job opportunities, but that they also had a good chance of not having to worry about being stopped and sent home.

    I think this one goes well beyond Karl Rove! You’re right about the SPP and the upcoming NAU. One other aspect of the SPP is the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC). Wiki sums their purpose as “Composed of 30 corporate representatives from some of North America’s largest companies, the North American Competitiveness Council has been mandated to set priorities for the SPP and to act as a stable driver of the integration process through changes in government in all three countries.”

    Isn’t that what we all wanted? Big business (UNELECTED) guiding our government through the “integration process”?

    Maybe someone a bit further left than I am could cite me the Article and Section that authorizes that…

    And while you’re looking that up, check Article IV, Section 4…

    [quote]I remember deleting emails from people who were saying what I am saying now.
    Kooks and Alarmists..[/quote]

    Just remember…Paul Revere was the first American Alarmist! Let’s just hope we don’t run out of Paul Reveres or else all hope is lost.

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