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News with Attitude – 6/7/2007

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An American Chauvinist in Maryland!
As they debate legalization for illegal immigrants, Senators would do well to keep in mind the most recent data on welfare use by the people in question. According to the Department of Homeland Security, nearly 60% of illegal aliens are from Mexico and 80% of the total are from Latin America as a whole. A Center for Immigration Studies analysis of 2006 Census Bureau data, which includes legal and illegal immigrants, shows use of welfare by households headed by Mexican and Latin American immigrants is more than double that of native households.
It’s like the Yankees calling in Mariano Rivera to close the World Series: Microsoft CEO Steven A. Ballmer huddled today with Sen. Jon Kyl, hoping to convince the Arizona Republican, a key negotiator of the immigration bill, to soften restrictions on high-tech industry hiring.
Freelance reporter Matt Lepacek, reporting for Infowars.com, was arrested for asking a question to one of Giuliani’s staff members in a press conference. The press secretary identified the New York based reporter as having previously asked Giuliani about his prior knowledge of WTC building collapses and ordered New Hampshire state police to arrest him.
Public support for the Senate immigration reform bill has slipped a bit over the past week. A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted Monday and Tuesday night found that just 23% of voters now support the bill while 50% are opposed. Last week, 26% supported the Senate bill while 48% were opposed.
In the face of public opposition, some supporters of the legislation have argued that the compromise may not be perfect but doing something is better than doing nothing. Voters have a different view–a solid plurality believes it would be better for the country to pass no bill at this time rather than letting the Senate compromise become law.
America is being destroyed by enemies within and with the help of a corrupted Congress and dumbed down (through public education and the corporate media), apathetic, indifferent and lazy public. The window for action to reverse the fascist trend of the last 50 years is fast closing and only an awake and vigilant citizenry can begin to comprehend and take action against the coming totalitarian devastation we have allowed to manifest in our country.
The conspiracy to ignore and marginalize presidential candidate Ron Paul is not a theory. In this case, a jury would have to conclude a conspiracy against Dr. Paul by the mindcontrol media exists.
When a candidate wins two debate polls in a row that are reported by the likes of MSNBC on its own web page, that is news, especially since the winner of both polls allegedly had no chance to win the nomination. The media normally jumps on that kind of news, because people in America love underdogs, but not this time.
Despite all the hype raging in Washington about the need for “immigration reform” in response to the illegal alien flood, the simple fact is that we do not have a broken immigration system. What we actually have is a broken immigration enforcement system.
A 10-page partnership “Work Plan for the Financial Services Working Group” is included (somewhat incongruously) among the Health and Human Service records. The “work plan” details 24 specific “deliverables” by officials from the U.S. Treasury, Finance Canada, BANXICO, the Federal Reserve Board – Atlanta, and regulatory agencies from all three countries. The deliverables include “cross-border” cooperation in the areas of car insurance, Social Security totalization for Mexico, banking, and Federal Reserve’s “Directo a Mexico” remittance program.
A woman and her two daughters were ordered detained without bond this morning for engaging in sex trafficking of children. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, Western District of Texas, made the announcement. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigated the case.
Dozens of Mexican and Central Americans with ties to violent southern California street gangs have been arrested or indicted on drugs, weapons and immigration charges, immigration officials in Los Angeles said on Wednesday.
Seniors have only two choices, either defeat this amnesty bill completely, or Hurry Up and Die with Dignity while you still have the resources.
President Bush and supporters of Amnesty in Congress make me very angry, because they are such arrogant elitist snobs who think Americans are so inferior, and so stupid, as to believe their elaborate, untrue and deceptive fairy tales regarding illegal invaders, SPP and amnesty.
The Senate voted yesterday to grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have already been caught and ordered deported but are defying a court order, preserving their path to citizenship as part of the immigration bill.

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