Americans Experience Mortal Crisis & Calculated Assault

Americans Experience Mortal Crisis & Calculated Assault

 by Marge Wall

Americans are experiencing a mortal crisis and a calculated assault upon our National Identity and National Heritage.  Never before has there been such a determined and sustained effort to strip us of both.
National Identity..  National Heritage…
Take those away from us, ridicule and strip us of our pride and patriotism and we become Refugees in the place of our birth but a place which is no longer “Our Country”.
Globalize, Diversify, Divide and Dilute a country until it ceases to be.
The forceful intrusion of other cultures and the aggressive establishment of other Religions like Islam complete with Sharia Law.  
 I am not predicting that this will happen, I am observing it firsthand.It is happening right now all around us.  Open your eyes and observe for yourselves.

“Our Country” We say those words without really stopping to think about what they really mean to us or what they describe.   We rarely consider how important this place we call  “Our Country” is to our lives, our future and our identity.    Is “Our Country” worth fighting for?    If you love this country enough to fight for it then, For God’s Sake.. realize that the biggest battle we have ever fought is NOW.   It is not on foreign shores but right here within. A “Country”, any country, is quite simply a group of people with a common language, a common culture, a common faith and common goals. 
Still think we can call it “Our Country” for very much longer?

Can you hear the hordes within our country screaming and unrelenting in their demands?
Can you close your eyes and see them marching in our streets, see their flags waving proudly and arrogantly in a country they have entered legally and illegally?  I CAN.
I can close my eyes and see the Mexican Flag flying above an upside down American flag.I can see my beloved flag wiping a Mexicans’ bottom, I can see it on the ground as they stomp on it.  I can see it in flames as they burn it and I can see it now as I wipe the tears from my eyes and struggle to contain my anger and frustration. 
I can see their obscene gestures as small groups of Americans valiantly try to show their patriotism and stand up to them. 
I can see them grab their crouch and scream obscenities at those few Americans who have left the comfort and safety of their homes to make a statement.  What an outrage that the American media ignored those Americans who walked so proudly in their country’s defense.I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.    Why should anybody care what I want? I am not anybody important. I am not rich and I am not young and beautiful anymore.  I am just somebody’s Grandmother.  I am just an older retired American.  BUT, I won’t SHUT UP and I won’t sit down.And I will never give up to those demanding despicable hordes.
I want the Mexican Government to pay for and build a Museum of Economics dedicated to American taxpayers and commemorating their huge contributions to the Mexican National Economy.    Can you hear them laughing?
 HISPANIC MILITARY MUSEUM PLANNED “As envisioned, it would be a 21,500-square-foot facility in San Antonio.”

Hold on there Pancho!   Don’t you ever stop demanding?You just got a “National Latino Museum” mandated and built by the American government.  “Largest Latino Museum Opens in San Antonio, Texas” “The Museo Alameda in San Antonio is the nation’s largest museum devoted to Latino culture and arts. The venture also showcases how Latino culture and …”This Abominable “National Latino Museum” has already been built here in San Antonio at the expense of American Taxpayers just a few weeks ago.   I bet most Americans didn’t know that.
Do any of you truly believe that these people who proudly fly the Mexican Flag in America, deserve a museum paid for by American Taxpayers?    
The Mexican Reconquista effort is well underway and we are in their way.

Not satisfied and replete with an arrogance fed by their success in bullying our pathetic government into passing legislation, funding and building the largest Museum in the United States of America dedicated to Latinos and Hispanics.
Not satisfied with their success in bullying and intimidating PBS and Ken Burns into altering a documentary on World War II and giving them special coverage for their miniscule participation in our historical struggle that shed so much American blood.
They now demand a “National Hispanic Military Museum commemorating their participation in our military beginning with WWII.  I have cited these statistics before but, not everyone reading this is aware of them.
According to Hispanic Americans: Census Facts  http://www.infoplease.com/spot/hhmcensus1.html 
LEGAL Hispanics total 42.7 million and 1.1 million serve or have served in our military.
   That makes them sound patriotic but that assumption is misleading.  Because of any ethnic group in the United States they participate the least in our military, 0.0257611 is one quarter of one percent, their current participation.  In WWII that participation was only a fraction of that and remember that figure includes South Americans and Cubans.

Given that the total population of America is 300 million, 1.1 million Hispanics represent an even lower fraction of our society 0.0036666.   
0.00366660% of the population are Hispanics who participate in our Military and they have the unmitigated gall to demand WWII recognition and a Military museum dedicated to them!   Is that ignorance or arrogance?
Subtract 0.00366660% from 100% and you get 9999.9963334% Americans.
How do the 9999.9963334% Americans out there feel about this intrusion into our history?
How many Americans were edited out of the WWII documentary to accommodate Hispanic activists? 
Many in my family fought in WWII and many did not come home.  One is buried in Tunisia, one died on the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor, two are somewhere “Over There” and One was tortured in a Japanese prison camp but managed to come home.  He carried the scars and experienced pain for the rest of his life but all that he proudly endured for a country he loved.

Edward M. Ross, Jr. carried a treasured bible with him.   Edward never had the chance to marry or become a father but, had he known the outcome in advance, he would have gone anyway.He died in 1942 and is buried in Tunisia.  Jasper L Pue, Jr. died on the USS Oklahoma. http://www.rootsweb.com/~okgs/uss_oklahoma.htmArchie (Buster) Nelson had his face rebuilt, he carried the scars and bore the pain from Japanese torture until his death.
America is full of such stories and many of you also lost family so, don’t tell me that it is okay for Mexicans to intrude upon our history and our sacrifices for America.  
They can put that Mexican flag into an undisclosed location, sideways, right next to Dick Cheyney and a book called My Pet Goat.

Hispanic military museum is planned
Web Posted: 05/31/2007 11:16 PM CDT
Guillermo Contreras, Express-News

They have been left out of documentaries, history books and movies, but if a grass-roots proposal gets off the ground, Latino veterans would be immortalized in San Antonio. Today, a committee of Hispanic veterans and others is set to announce plans for a proposed 21,500-square-foot facility that would highlight the accomplishments and contributions of Hispanics in the military.
The museum proposal is embraced by another prominent veteran, retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who led the Iraq war for more than a year after Baghdad’s fall. 
“I think it would be an understatement that we need something like that to recognize the contributions of our Hispanic men and women who, over the course of American history, contributed to the security of this nation,” said Sanchez, a three-star general who retired in San Antonio.
(Remember ABU GHRAIB?)
US general linked to Abu Ghraib abuse | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited

However, according to the leaked memorandum, General Sanchez had explicitly given

 Additional Trackbacks: Hispanic military museum is planned http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/metro/stories/MYSA060107.01A.hispanic_veterans_museum.3632bdb.html http://travel.msn.com/Guides/article.aspx?cp-documentid=387699  Latino Museum Opens in San Antonio – MSN Travel Articles  
“The Museo Alameda in San Antonio is the nation’s largest museum devoted to Latino culture and arts. The venture also showcases how Latino culture and …”
Salt Lake Tribune – Smithsonian opens Latino museum in San Antonio 
San Antonio celebrates its Latino heritage with an arts bonanza – USATODAY.com
Plus, it’s probably the only museum of any kind to sport a pink-and-green elevator floor airbrushed low-rider-car style.

3 comments on “Americans Experience Mortal Crisis & Calculated Assault

  1. I’m sure when your people first came to the
    U.S. no one wanted them in “Our Country”
    either. Don’t be so afraid of change.

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