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Will American’s allow “Rule” to replace “Government”?

Another good reference to the real intentions of these types [globalism] can be
found in the interview of Norman Dodd by G. Edward Griffith.
Rare year 1982 video with G. Edward Griffin & Norman Dodds#1
Here is one reader’s review of Shadows of Power

Reader’s review of ‘Shadows of Power’
Conspiracy Facts not Theory- The Title Says it All., October 11, 2005
By T. F. Ingram (Bellmawr, NJ United States)

Perloff’s Shadows of Power is a fact based account of the real power
behind the American political system. The CFR (Council on Foriegn
Relations), an invitation only organization, is the North American
sister organization of the RIIA (Royal Institute of International
Affairs). The CFR, with David C. Rockefeller as it’s Honorary Chairman,
permeates the highest levels of government (Current members include Dick
Cheney, Condaleeza Rice, Teddy Kennedy, Bill Frist, Colin Powell, Bush
Sr., Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger, John McCain, John
Kerry and the list goes on and on). Media organizations and their
highest ups like Rupert Murdoch, Catherine Graham (Washington Post) and
all of his media empire (Fox News etc.) as well as reporters like
Barbara Walters etc. are also members. And as Perloff makes clear, the
organizations goal is to create a one world elitist government.

Once you read and digest the facts that Perloff presents in an orderly
fashion, it becomes clear that we are being led down a primrose path by
a group of insiders connected to the international banking community and
very high level power brokers who keep a low profile and operate in the
shadows (Hence, shadows of power.).

This book is not about Conspiracy Theory. It is about Conspiracy facts.
If you want to peek behind the curtain of power or can’t make sense of
the moves of our politicians, this book will begin to clear the haze of
confusion for you.

I would also recommend a companion book by John McManus- The Insiders
which provides a current list of CFR members. Good overview of the CFR
and Tri Lateral Commission that takes you through each Presidency since
Carter and traces the CFR members and their moves. It also provides a
list of current members which serves as a nice reference while watching
TV, etc. Once you understand the motives of this organization, it allows
you to see through the hidden messages being conveyed by the media and
through current legislation.

I would also suggest 2 books that will significantly clarify the power
of economic control and how it is being used to control our lives. One
is Edward G. Griffins- The Creature from Jekyll Island which is about
the origin and operations of the Federal Reserve System. (Not Federal,
has no reserves and is a cartel of private banks not a system.) Reading
this book is like taking the blue pill instead of the red one as was
offered to Neo in the first matrix movie. You will never again look at
our government in the same way. Again based upon well documented fact,
not theory.

The second book is again from John McManus entitled Financial Terrorism
and it is also a fact based book on money and economics that is a
clearly written yet easily understood (as is Griffins book) expose of
how our money system has been corrupted into the hands of international
bankers and power brokers.

There are more, but if you read these 4 books you will be light years
ahead of most private citizens in their understanding of what is really
going on in out lives and reality and less easily led down a primrose
path by the power elites.

Finally, for a sample dose of reality go to
http://www.thenewamerican.com/artman/publish/article_2239.shtml and read
the article Abolishing the USA, follow the links to the government site
on the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership for America) and keep an
open mind. See for yourself that this stuff is happening before our very
eyes while we are asleep at the wheel naively allowing our liberties and
prosperity to be stolen away by a ruthless group of power elites who
only goal is total dominance, power and control over all of humanity.

Please read the books, reflect and help out before our way of life
disappears forever and is replaced by a 1984-like reality.

Author anonymous


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