“Ruling” But Not Governing”-Part 2

Marge Wall’s contribution in comments to “9 War Mongers and One Man of Peace” clearly deserves contemplation as American’s become increasingly aware of the escalation of “rulership” vs a governing body “of, by and for the people”:


We are all angry and outraged that our government is trying to cram amnesty down our throats.  Will they use force if necessary?   I think they will. 

An overwhelming majority of Americans are against amnesty for 12-20  million illegal aliens and a guest worker program.The majority of Americans want our laws enforced, our border secured and a curtailed immigration policy.So why is our government so insanely intent on a course of action opposed by the people?Are you also asking questions?   Are there sinister motives?   Am I being an Alarmist?  Are they just stupid or arrogant?  What is going on? 

Why are the American people being ignored and treated with contempt by the government that they elected? 

I have never been much for conspiracy theories but I find myself questioning all that is happening.  I no longer accept anything at face value so I suppose I must be paranoid because I look for hidden objectives in every inane, treasonous and mind boggling action of our government.  

 “Our government” now that’s a misnomer on a grand scale.   

It is no longer “Our government” for it certainly does not represent the will of the people.   

If we are going to be honest, we will admit to ourselves that our government has not truly represented us for a long time.Perhaps we should start asking whose government it really is.  Who does it represent?  President Bush of what country? 

This president along with the hierarchy in the House and Senate have done more to harm America and the average middle class American than any foreign enemy has ever done.   

I want to know why our elected representatives, irrespective of political party, not only allow Bush to continue with policies and actions that harm the country and the American people but, those elected representatives are actively doing all they can to help him.  I not only want to know why….  I NEED to know why! 

Politicians of both parties have become so detached from Americans that it’s as if they live somewhere else.  Our elected representatives thumb their noses at us and treat us like throw-a-ways and we allow it…..What has happened to our country?   For a while we were so divided and hateful to one another that it was easy to manipulate us.   

These comments are still relevant….. 

What are the most effective ways to control people? Think about it……..The basic ones are ……. FEAR…. RELIGION… PATRIOTISM…. Frighten people when they begin to balk.     Distract them! We had so many terror alerts it was becoming ridiculous.  Remember? 

Question their faith when they question you.  

Question their patriotism when they question you.  

I fear those tactics will be employed again and I pray they do not succeed in distracting or dividing us.   

I also worry that the executive branch of government is becoming too powerful and independent.We should all be concerned that there is not enough oversight to keep our country from becoming a pawn for the benefit and enrichment of a nefarious few.   

An earlier reference to Mexicans, “They are in our political system at every level in record numbers that transcend their legal percentage in this country.”  

The recent figure on the population of the USA is 300 million. Mexicans and all other Hispanics total 42.7 million and that is .14233 percent of the total population. There are more of them in our political system than their percentage within our society warrants.Hispanic Americans: Census Facts   http://www.infoplease.com/spot/hhmcensus1.html 

YET our politicians treat them as though they were the majority.   Explain that please. The president puts the National Guard on the border then refuses to arm them?     Armed Mexicans cross the border and fire upon a Guard outpost and they retreat.   Explain that.  

Did you ever wonder how so many Third World “Immigrants” can afford to start a business when So many Americans cannot?  

We must hold our elected representatives accountable IF our country is to prevail and remain the America that we have loved and fought for.Right now elected representatives do not consider themselves accountable to anyone least of all us.    

Do any of us really enjoy being talked to as if we are slightly retarded?  Have you noticed that smirk on a politician’s face as they patiently explain why something is not what it seems but is probably just beyond our capacity to understand or grasp and they will condescendingly make the supreme effort to explain it to us anyway.  We are such an annoyance.   

Mexico, with the compliance and active assistance of Global interests, is poised to take over this country without firing a shot.     Within a five year period they will be dancing in our streets.  (Or rather what used to be “our” streets”) 

America as we know it will quickly cease to be. That is an undeniable fact.   

Until the dictates of corporate greed are conquered and common sense is applied to the immigration policies of this country we will continue see a steady decline in every aspect of American values and quality of life until we are no more. 

I hold the government responsible, culpable, liable and I question their ability and intention to serve the people.        Their actions constitute treason by any definition. 

I have no doubt that proud American citizens of whatever heritage are prepared to protect their country and their way of life.   I do not now nor have I ever questioned the loyalty and dedication of those who are Americans.   

I do question and take exception to those who express loyalty with another country and use a hyphen to declare that divided allegiance.Any responsible person understands that a country which does not protect it’s borders or enforce it’s laws cannot remain a country for long.  Without sovereignty there is no country.  

When sovereignty is compromised by the dictates of another country or by business or private interest groups no matter why or how it is “explained”, that country will self destruct because it cannot continue to exist as an independent nation. 

Once you finally realize and accept that Globalization and sovereignty are not compatible you gain a different perspective and more insight into what is happening in America and the WHY becomes obvious. 

Here is a bit of simple logic for everyone to mull over.The European Union contains no “Third World” countries for if it did, it would not work. 

What is now proposed is a corruption of the European Union and is not an accident or the result of ignorance but a deliberate attempt to create a giant business arena on this continent to be achieved by what can only be described as the subjugation of American citizens and their eventual demise.I believe that the many whoevers behind this endeavor are planning well into the future and trying to emulate the worker situation in China and India to name just two.   

The rule of many by the few.  A worker Nation without sovereignty or borders.


4 comments on ““Ruling” But Not Governing”-Part 2

  1. I fear the future and wish that I could dispute what Marge is saying, but my own common sense has been slapping me in the face with red flags ever since I began to question why the push by the President and Congress, to legitimize 12-30 million illegal aliens.

    Why should Americans be made to pay 2.3 trillion dollars to accommadate legalizing people who have broken our laws and continue to dismiss the laws of this land. What benefits us as Americans to do this??? Nothing!!!

    I can only come to one conclusion that the
    government’s justification for placing this tax burden on my grandchildren, great grandchildren, and many generations of Americans to come, and that it is being forced on us to benefit the few who desire this action to form to benefit them with a huge working class group that will eventually be force to compete with other large worker groups in the world. When that occurs, I doubt that worker rights and benefits will be part of the equation any longer.

    We should not allow our government to destroy our sovereignty in order to create a huge trading block and large work force.

  2. You’re so right Kassylake, we must stop this from happening.If you haven’t already, please go to NumbersUSA, sign up to send free faxes and call those Senators! We must NOT allow this to happen. We were at NumbersUSA Arlington office today for the Virtual Citizens Rally, within the 20 minute conference call period, there were 6648 concerned citizens calling in to voice their opposition to this proposed legislation.
    I suppose you also heard the proposed agenda includes provisions for the president’s secret plans for SPP/NAU? If any of this goes through it will be the end of America as we have known it.
    Let’s all keep calling those Senators and tell them DO NOT SUPPORT this Bill! We will not have short memories on this! (We wouldn’t be allowed to even if we tried, our lives as we know them will be over.)

  3. The SPP (NAU) is already being implemented. Research the “North American Competitiveness Council”. Visit stopthenau.org for much more.

  4. Thanks for the post Jamie. We are indeed on a fast track to the NAU right now…worse it follows the NWO agenda. For those who seem to think sovereignty isn’t an issue, won’t they be surprised by the very sinister plans devised for “the people”?

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