“Ruling But Not Governing”?-CFR

Fast Track to the New North American Union? The New World Order? What does it mean for Americans? Who from hell is running this country?

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people, they are our only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson

A very brief introduction to the Council onForeign Relations CFR, for those unfamiliar, and a quick alert for those already aware. There is so much going on in our government and this nation that we can’t research, write & post quickly enough.  Within the next few days we’ll expand information, how the CFR relates to our government, those who are or have been members and how it all relates to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Agreement between the US, Mexico & Canada, or the proposed North American Union, (NAU). And what it means to our future, our freedom and our way of life as Americans.

It seems many of us need to learn more about this organization and  perhaps rather quickly.Particularly since the Carter administration of government there has been a large presence of CFR members within high ranking levels of our government. Henry Kissinger is a member. George HW Bush and his father before him were members and many currently active political figure heads appear to be proud card carrying members, while others are more discreet.

Late last night I found one of the CFR’s newest published books; “Ruling But Not Governing”, by Steven A. Cook,  a Douglas Dillon fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. What is up with this mysterious group? Why don’t we know much about them and their activities? Why do “the people’s” eyes glaze over when we mention this organizations name?Considering our President is obviously currently demonstrating this practice, and knowing the deep infiltration of the CFR in our own government body, it seemed worth a very close look. All the above questions will all be examined and addressed over the next few weeks, for now, please read the following overview. Overview:

“Ruling But Not Governing highlights the critical role that the military plays in the stability of the Egyptian, Algerian, and, until recently, Turkish political systems. This in-depth study demonstrates that while the soldiers and materiel of Middle Eastern militaries form the obvious outer perimeter of regime protection, it is actually the less apparent, multilayered institutional legacies of military domination that play the decisive role in regime maintenance. Steven A. Cook uncovers the complex and nuanced character of the military’s interest in maintaining a facade of democracy. He explores how an authoritarian elite hijack seemingly democratic practices such as elections, multiparty politics, and a relatively freer press as part of a strategy to ensure the durability of authoritarian systems. Using Turkey’s recent reforms as a point of departure, the study also explores ways external political actors can improve the likelihood of political change in Egypt and Algeria. Ruling But Not Governing provides valuable insight into the political dynamics that perpetuate authoritarian regimes and offers novel ways to promote democratic change.”


Until tomorrow. ~Ciel

2 comments on ““Ruling But Not Governing”?-CFR

  1. Thanks for commenting at my blog. As for the CFR & NWO?I have been hearing about them, and their sinister plots at least since the sixties.

  2. You do very nice work Patrick, I had a few minutes to stroll around your site today. Yeah, me too on the CFR & NWO…I think it’s too bad we all didn’t pay more attention to this big agenda…globalism & all the their benefits they want to bring with it.

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