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The President for This Time

Forget ‘no new taxes’… how about ‘NO IRS!’

“He’s just telling the people what they want to hear, though he might be sincere. Bush maintained the same idea, and hasn’t fulfilled his agenda he spoke to the people… “ Response to this comment:

  The difference between Ron Paul and ALL the others is his record. Through almost 20 years of service his record demonstrateshe walks his talk.”  Research their records compared to what they say! Anybody can say anything, it doesn’t make it true. The proof is in the demonstration/execution. I’m conservative and have been a loyal Republican for many years.  I blindly voted for George W. Bush once when I was stupid & gullible enough to believe what I heard. Regan cautioned Americans repeatedly, “Trust, but verify”. We evidently forgot the most important part of that wisdom; VERIFY!

At one time I thought we American’s were intelligent people but ignorant remarks like the above seem to validate the contrary & really tick me off, just like the idiots applauding Rudy (Goebbels) at the last debate. Stop trying to show off your ‘profound philosophical idiocy’ and know what you’re talking about when you say something. If any of us had bothered to ‘verify’ George Bush’s pandering campaign propaganda, none of us, who has this country’s best interest at heart, would have voted for him. Our self proclaimed “compassionate conservative” president has sold us out and stripped all our liberties. What loyalty do we owe him, the GOP, or our “do nothing” to prevent him 109th congress & senate? George Bush is a dictator. The new legislation he signed May 9th without any congressional oversight is proof, as if we needed anymore. He undoubtedly has another grand reprehensible episode planned for US because there is a reason for everything he does, proven. If he’s getting his direction from a god, it’s not the God I know, but that’s a different topic.

We all need to get off our lazy, incurious, apathetic, blindly loyal, gullible, trusting butts and check these jerks out.  And if we want to continue allowing media and the power elite to dictate who can become president in this country we will continue the “evil & lesser evil” status quo with no hope for change. The only way to get the powerful elite out of the White House is to be active and informed to vote in the Primary election. If we keep electing “the money” that panders to lobbyist and special interest groups, despite what they tell us during campaigning, our voices will continue to be silenced. I keep hearing people say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance because he doesn’t have the millions behind him some of the others do. This will be true and continue to be the case unless people get behind him & demand media stop limiting our choices. Those with the millions and the power have demonstrated their interest is in the money! They will serve the money, not the people; we cannot allow this to continue. By the time we get to the general election, we’re following the ‘dictated’ path. Media & elite will always cater to the money group who pays them the big bucks. If we don’t stop this one more act of tyranny it will truly be part of this nation’s demise.

Research these people. Where they have been, what they have done is where they will take us. Read the facts!

You’re welcome to post arguments, just please try to make them intelligent.

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