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America’s New Wild Frontier, Part 1

Monday’s tragedy at VA Tech has left many of us numb. Unless we were among the unfortunate who were directly affected by these senseless crimes against human kind, these onslaughts of violence have long sense lost their shock value and are being replaced with complacent bewilderment. It seems long ago that a regular and steady seemingly out of control rampage of violence and once inconceivable assaults began plaguing America and its people. We’re no longer afforded an opportunity to recover and heal before the next blow strikes. And we have long since been rendered stupefied, merely reacting like Pavlov’s dog to conditions around us. What is happening in our country? And what is happening to the people of our country to cause these horrific changes in our society?
To explore some very mind provocative thoughts about these questions read this article. Don’t allow the title put you off, the full context of the article describes a larger picture, perhaps a larger agenda.

Could there truly be some imperceptible influence directing American’s thought processes, therefore our actions? Read the links within with an open mind, then you decide.
One morning not so long ago I was in the middle of my then usual daily routine. A small delight was having coffee, organizing my thoughts and notes, preparing for the day while sitting in my once favorite spot in my makeshift office on the back porch. Yes, I said porch, there are other perhaps more glamorous words I could use to name it, but I’m feeling a need to get back to my roots, when times were simpler and there was less confusion, violence and upheaval in our country.I’ve always lived in rural America and this home was no exception, at least when we bought it and moved there. On this morning, as I tried to proceed with my work, I kept losing my concentration and could no longer focus on the task at hand. Something was nagging at my subconscious, telling me something wasn’t well in my world.Two years and a half prior we joyfully selected this new home where we planned to live happily the rest of our lives. There were 6 houses, including ours, for as far as you could see in the flat lands of Florida that surrounded us. Shortly after we bought our new home a new expansion endeavor was decided. Trying to make the best of it we convinced ourselves the worst would be the gradual overcrowding on the roads and in stores, but our home would be our haven. There was so much vacant land around us we thought it would all be gradual. I had experienced what I thought was a massive expansion in my previous neighborhood and had lived there peacefully for 10 years before the ‘sprawl’ became unbearable, perhaps we would be ready for a condo by that time. Little did we know, borrowing lyrics and title from Randy Bachman, “Baby, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” turned out to be the most accurate description of what was ahead. We were not even slightly prepared for the lifestyle, moods and attitude overhaul that we would experience, shattering our hopes, plans and desires to live and eventually retire in this new ‘country’ home and extinguishing our serenity.

For about 6 months, despite hurricanes, we enjoyed the sun, fun and our new home, then it started. Urban sprawl and every deviant thing that comes from rapid growth. The construction began, eighteen wheelers, gravel & cement trucks began barreling down our tiny residentially zoned, 35 mile per hour street, usually at least twice that rate of speed, delivering materials. Work crews furiously pounded often 7 days a week and into the wee morning hours as the massive number of houses were erected all around us. As fast & furious as the development progressed it could barely keep up with demand as new home owners and renters quickly filled the houses as soon as the sod was laid. An absolute housing market frenzy engulfed the area and rapidly rising real estate prices seemed to merely spur it on. Poor planning and undoubtedly lust and greed for the almighty dollar from quick expansion transformed our tiny residential road into the only gateway to literally thousands of new homes and dozens of new ‘communities’.

Our back ‘porch’ and pool which had previously been the homes greater appeal and pleasure point faced the now major thoroughfare. Our house sat on an oversized corner lot situated at the very mouth of it and the distance of a rare empty lot between did nothing to shield our exposure to the onslaught of high speed traffic and noise. Of course there was the ever growing parade of rescue squads, fire trucks and policeman with sirens blaring as they scurried to one emergency after another.

New neighbors brought constant distractions with loud music, barking dogs, screaming children, and the inevitable Wednesday night through early hours Monday morning parties and all during the week we could hear domestic disputes. Soon moms strolling their babies, couples who previously enjoyed a quiet walk and bicyclers were replaced with individuals in cars yelling obscenities at pedestrians, dangerous high speed traffic threatened children’s safety at school bus stops, and domestic violence spilled out of homes into the street.

The worst examples we observed in astonishment of this growing mayhem was a man who pulled to the side of the road, directly beside our home’s lanai (porch) and pool area. Literally in our face, while we were sitting there looking on, he got out of the car, pulled his mate out and proceed to pulverized her body and face, right in front of us. He was completely void of care or regard to even consequences he might face from witnesses!

One day a 3 year old child wandered to our door. He didn’t know where his mother was and didn’t know where he lived, fortunately he knew his first and last name. Reporting to the police several squad cars drove in a few houses away then very shortly an SUV came tearing into the same drive. Rather puzzled why the police hadn’t responded to our call we watched the policemen and the 3 or 4 young females from the SUV appear to converse, then one girl who looked barely old enough to be considered adult came running to our house. She excitedly and somewhat apologetically exclaimed she and her daughters, who could have passed rather for sisters, had planned a day out shopping and forgot her son was there!

But the very worst was still to come after violent gangs moved in along with the new neighbors. Shortly after a month long vacation, feeling refreshed with renewed fortitude from a new idea to step up the condo plan to no longer than 3 years out. I was ready to settle back into routine and get back to work. School had resumed and the usual bus stop crowd had drastically changed. The neighborhood natives with young children were now driving their children to and from the bus stop rather than allowing them to ride their bikes and a much older crowd now walked from the bus stop shouting obscenities, throwing litter, taunting everyone in sight and glaring at me as I observed their lewd behaviors.

Development had filled the vast spaces and construction was moving in closer on small lots between houses on the already overcrowded streets. Fires burning across the neighborhood had become common place as construction crews cleared brush and my beloved eagles nests to make room for still more houses. For 2 weeks after school resumed the fires seemed more prevalent. One day there was an especially unusual stench from a fire that ran me and even the cats out of my make shift office into the house. A couple days later over coffee on Sunday morning we watched another drama unfold as a helicopter circled our house for an unusually long period of time. We had also long grown used to planes and helicopters flying both day and night over and around our home spraying for mosquitoes and God knows what else. But this one not only lingered longer, but was also accompanied by man standing on a dirt knoll recently made by a construction crew and he seemed to be visually surveying as far and wide as he possibly could and signaling to the helicopter. This was suspect, but calling the police they assured us it was some new routine that shouldn’t be considered out of the ordinary. Although within the hour police and news crews joined the action and a while later crime scene tape was strung behind our neighbors house and around the construction site that had a pathway to what had obviously become a local hangout where we would often see auto’s, bikes, motorcycles and foot traffic trek then hear evidence of parties going on. About a week later we learned a local teen gang had a party, ended in a violent fight where two young boys 16 & 17 years old were murdered, then their bodies brought to this party spot in their car and torched.

Road blocks were frequently routine and once were accompanied by a swat team when we later learned one of the new residents was holding people hostage and threatening to kill…good grief, I don’t even remember who, which brings me back to my point.

On this particular morning as I tried to focus I was not consciously in a especially reflective or pensive mood, yet each time I tried to resume my work this nagging, niggling ‘something’ in the back of my mind prevented any hope of accomplishments until it was acknowledged and dealt with. Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat and I became deeply saddened as I realized what was causing this ‘malfunction’. Over the 2 years since the ‘change’ had begun in my neighborhood I had gradually become immune, at least to the noise. On that very morning during my prep time an ambulance, fire truck and police squad cars had ripped by my house with sirens blaring, and I believe for the first time, my conscious (?) mind barely noticed them. About 2 hours later my subconscious mind was rendering a new kind of riot act, making me entirely conscious that in my life this was completely unacceptable behavior.

Although city dwellers likely will not relate as readily to this analogy, perhaps all of us can look at our lives and think of circumstances and events that we have, or are becoming, conditioned by and immune to. Think of the growing and seemingly out of control rampage of assaults on the people of America and how you’ve personally come to react to them.

Again I ask you, What is happening in our country? What is happening to the people of our country? To explore some very mind provocative thoughts about these questions read this article. Please don’t let the title put you off, it’s important to read the article in its entirety to understand the full context of the larger picture and how it relates.

And could there truly be some imperceptible influence directing American’s thought processes, therefore our actions?

If you’re not familiar with this concept you may find it very interesting and enlightening when you consider all that is going on in our country today and most conspicuously over the last 10 years. If you’re already familiar with it, a refresher may bring new points to light.

Stay tuned and check our blog regularly over the next few weeks as we continue to explore further articles about actions and reactions in American society today.

Until then, stay strong, protect your rights and freedoms. Remember to think for yourself and pay close attention to what is affecting your thoughts and actions!



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