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April Fools!

Isn’t practically everything due on the first of the month? Why is the fraudulent income tax due on the 15th? Could it be related to the thought processes of these notorious leaders who have duped us through the years? Call me crazy but didn’t we just have a similar incident? ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation…er, a, we better make that Operation Iraqi Freedom, O.I.L might be a little too transparent’…

How about the Sandy Berger caper? And Alberto Gonzales, who “serves at the pleasure of the president” is right in the middle of it. Ever wonder why or how the Clinton’s and Bushes seem to be so cozy? George, GW, and Bill have all made public jokes about their dastardly deeds, isn’t there some powerful clandestine organization who touts everything they do is flaunted in the open?

Wake up, people, there’s no difference in Republicans and Democrats. Research each individuals background. Don’t be taken in by ‘campaign’ or any other propaganda!
If we don’t want to be perpetual fools, remember: “Trust, but verify”.
Meanwhile, just before the April 15 deadline, here’s more information and a very important article pertaining to “The Great Hoax”. Try to take a minute to read “Fighting Words”.
This article and links within will point you to articles, work and information of some American heroes who have been fighting for our rights and freedoms. You’ll find the information worthy of the 15 minutes it takes to read it, invaluable to your life quality and any future generations you are responsible to or plan to have.
Despite the date, this isn’t a joke…I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being an “April Fool”, or a fool by any other name.


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