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April 15, The Great Hoax

Ok folks, I’m going to give you a little example of why we named this work “On the edge”…

You may have already heard about the couple from NH, the “Live free or die” state, who are taking on the IRS. If not, you can read about it here.

I’ve been researching this issue for some time…the IRS cannot show citizens a written law on the books requiring us to pay federal income tax.

I don’t have the information organized well enough to put it all on our site yet, plus daily, we seem to be fighting so many challenges to our freedoms… (One reason I’ve been calling for researchers & other help!).

But this appears to be one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated upon the American people. Some IRS agents have either quit or been fired after approaching their superiors when citizens have challenged them to show them the law…

The IRS is a big one to take on…and info I’ve found says this inability to produce a law is largely why they have finely tuned their “threatening and bullying” tactics…they don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Many people don’t believe this, many are afraid to challenge it, and it takes a lawyer who doesn’t laugh in your face, is willing to take them on & handle it correctly…but for the few brave and knowledgeable who have taken it to court, cases have been won.

There is no legal tax on labor, when you pay for work on your car or any other type of labor, you pay tax only on parts, it’s illegal to tax or collect tax for labor. Your income is derived from your labor…it’s the same law, yet our federal government has been requiring & collecting payment for it for years.

The bill to tax income, (labor), was proposed years ago when they started collecting it…but it was never ratified and made law…

Don’t believe me? Do your own research on it, but please send me anything & everything you find!! Actually, I’ve just set up a webpage & message board for this issue. You can post links to information you find, talk about the issue, etc. We’re easy to post to! We’ve set the site up to be user friendly and interactive!! We’ll gradually organize and add the massive amount of information we have.

We the People” foundations has been petitioning the government for months on this issue, and are being ignored. The implications of this are pretty astounding…there’s much to consider…there is a movement among the people. I read about this couple a while back and I believe they are trying to push the movement forward. Considering the state of our economy and our national debt we’re already in trouble….if the majority of “the people” realize this fraud and revolt…well, it’s a tough issue to fathom from many perspectives. This is another reason I haven’t made this an earnest campaign. But since it’s coming into the foreground, we may all need to look at it closely. There are murmurings we perhaps could witness another “Janet Reno type assault” against this couple. Hopefully not, but if they are indeed within their rights…

I personally will not advocate any “Fair Tax” legislation, and I hope if any of you consider endorsing it as a more “fair” alternative that you seriously research this federal income tax issue first. If a fair tax law replaces our current “unlawful” federal “income” tax, they will definitely have us. What about that tiny little credit we’re getting this year after being fraudulently taxed (for how many years?) through the phone companies?

If you’ve seen the movie V, (and if you haven’t its awesome, watch it!!) “We the people” foundation members are using the costumes from V in protest. They sent one person in costume to present the petitions last year, petitions were rejected and denied. They are organizing a protest in March 2007 and hope to have thousands dressed in “V”! (Yes, I hoped to be one of them, but it isn’t looking very likely now… ) A short synopsis on “V”; it’s about when the people fear individual persecution from their government, everyone puts on the same face and clothes for anonaminity, protection, as not to be singled out.

Here are two pieces of supporting evidence about the 16th amendment.



We want to hear what you think about this issue! Post your perspective or informational links here.

You shouldn’t have any difficulty posting, but if you do, email your thoughts or info direct and report any difficulties to PatriotessDame@comcast.net.

One comment on “April 15, The Great Hoax

  1. Dear PatriotessDame,
    You may want to look at http://www.usa-the-republic.com/revenue/liberty/index.html for background on the income tax. Part 5 has been recently updated to include the Sansone case wherein the supreme court declared 26 USC 720X was generic—it does not identify a responsibility for an income tax. District courts have been declaring otherwise for 50 years.

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