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A Letter to Fellow Republicans

A Letter to Fellow Republicans:

The RNC obviously has total disregard for their base. They have acted exactly the same as our Republican elected representatives. They ignored our emails! They ignored our letters! They ignored our faxes! They ignored our telephone calls!

The 2006 election demonstrated our disgust but obviously did not convince our party their lack of voter representation is no longer acceptable.

By electing Mel Martinez to chair the RNC, they are betting more Hispanics will join their ranks and the American people, will continue to forgive, forget and remain loyal despite the fact they refuse to represent our voice.

This fight between republican and democratic leaders for favor from 12-20 million people who have literally illegally invaded our country, is costing American citizens everything we value and hold dear. Beyond the many economic, health, and security issues we should all be fully aware of by now, it’s jeopardizing our voice and representation in our government at every level.

I’ve been a loyal, active, conservative republican for many years. During this administration my party has continually betrayed my trust, ignored my voice and the voice of the majority, the very people who support and elect them.

How can we continue to remain loyal to a party who perpetually betrays us? We elect and pay their salary for representation of the republican ideal. When they no longer demonstrate that ideal what are we remaining loyal to? They’ve taken a new route and obviously don’t care if we like it or not. They want us along for the ride but couldn’t care less if we like the destination!

We are no longer aligned with “representatives”. This independent, arrogant assembly of so called “republican” officials blatantly ignores and overrides their constituents. Their promises are hollow, idle words to win votes. Once that’s accomplished they no longer know or care we exist until the next election. Condoning these actions by forgiving, forgetting and remaining loyal to such traitors will take us down a dangerous path of no return. The power of our voice in this Republican Party is already extinguished. They do not deserve our loyalty.

The only way “We the people” of the Republican party will send them a loud and clear message they cannot ignore is with an immediate and massive withdrawal from the party base.

If hundreds of thousands of registered Republicans deserted these traitors of our ‘grand old party’, there would be repercussions heard all the way to the White House.

We can register as Independent, Constitutional, American or some other party. Good grief, it appears even the democrats have better hearing than these republicans. But after we change our registration we then need to let them know; our own officials, and all those new Presidential hopefuls, that republican constituents will no longer blindly follow, forgive & forget, or remain loyal to a party who no longer represents our ideals and no longer regards our voice.

This voter registration effort will not work if only a handful of us participate. There must be a massive retreat from the Republican Party to be effective. We must also follow up with letters, email, fax and phone calls stating unequivocally why we have taken this action. Our intelligent “leaders” surmised many inaccurate explanations after last November’s election. We need to make sure they understand, without a shadow of doubt that we will not continue to support, elect or reelect traitors who ignore and do not represent us.

I hope you will consider supporting this action. It may save our “grand old party”. It will certainly preserve our voice and return power to the people of the Republican Party.


One comment on “A Letter to Fellow Republicans

  1. Count me in. The “election” of Mel Martinez, aka “Spanish First”, to chair the RNC was the straw that broke my back! I’m officially leaving the Republican Party and I will let every Republican elected official know why!

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