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You can’t handle the truth, America!

Remember Jack Nicholson shouting to Tom Cruise that he, nor Americans could handle the truth in “A Few Good Men”?

“On the level of moral philosophy, the drama examines questions of duty, honor, patriotism, justice, and the rule of law.” (Wikipedia)

We say, “I have a right to know!” But what happens when we’re presented with information that doesn’t suit our ideals? Do we truly question it’s plausibility if it offends our senses? How often do we simply reject things we hear as false without bothering to check if they’re true?

What happened to curiosity? Even when something sounds fantastic, don’t you at least wonder if its possible?If I say there’s a conspiracy of silence in our government body and mainstream media that wants to keep “the people” ignorant & silent, some believe it, some are reluctantly beginning to believe it’s possible, but many still reject it as a radical rant.Do you remember during the first Iraq war when the news televised pictures of Kurds Saddam Hussein had killed with chemical warfare? Do you ever wonder why, when we have been fighting wars since October 7, 2001 we haven’t “seen” much of the evidence from mainstream media? I guess they concur, it isn’t pleasant to our sensibilities therefore they must ‘protect’ us and keep it out of our sight, therefore our minds? Last night the death count for our brave soldiers was 3025. I believe the count for those wounded was over 25,000. How much of the death and destruction has been shown by mainstream media? Do we have a right to know what’s going on over there? Could we stand to see it in our face day after day? Would we have allowed the atrocity of this “war without end” to continue if we saw the evidence every day?

Ignorance is easily achieved if we allow our high ideals and sensibilities to close our minds and turn deaf ears to possibilities.

“News with Attitude” brings you information we have located through our extensive & exhaustive research. Our endeavor is to “hold & keep government accountable and return our government to, for and by the people”.

Truths about crime, corruption and dishonor isn’t usually pleasant to our sensibilities.

How long did it take the American people to accept that Richard Nixon had committed crimes?

So which is it? Do you really want to know the truth or are you happy with cleverly designed euphemisms that stifle our curiosities and ability to think for ourselves? We document our sources and distinguish between news, opinion, and statistics. “On the edge” is a spin off for my critical opinion pieces. For nearly a year we’ve brought you large volumes of information, if we discover information is inaccurate we issue an immediate retraction.

Open your mind. Dare to probe.

The “truth” doesn’t always come in pretty packages. But “truth”, not righteous ideals, will set you free.

In the words of Ronald Regan, “Trust, but verify.”

Righteous indignation over Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions propelled George W. Bush into the White House in 2000.

What do you want? Truth or righteous ideals?


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