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Lazy, Stupid Americans

Cecilia Poole
January 4, 2007

You would think in today’s age of ‘information access’ through the internet & thankfully the few who still dare or care to report, that Americans would open their minds to see what is going on, put things into perspective, then exercise their ‘rights’ before they disappear!

Doesn’t anyone get ill constantly hearing; “I don’t want to waste my vote”, “The North American Union is a radical conspiracy theory that can’t happen”, “They’re doing jobs American’s won’t do”…

Who deviously convinced “the people” of these lies and turned us into such insipid dimwits we continue going “silently into the night” regurgitating these mindless mantras as accepted truths?Who convinced you that you would “waste” your vote by casting it for a worthy opponent rather than the “lesser of two evils”? What are you ‘conserving’ by voting for someone you don’t want in office? The evil? Who convinced you that you only have two choices? And who convinced you to become indignant, rather than curious if you hear something perhaps illicit?How can you NOT know you have alternatives? How can Americans continually swallow the same spoon fed lies over and over again, without question?If everyone who felt the “two” choices were either evil or evil would instead cast their perfectly good vote for a worthy contender we would get rid of the evil! And how can we possibly continue to disregard evidence that is so blatantly flaunted in our faces? It’s irrational!

Is it true that we really don’t have alternatives? Is there truly no way we can stop this tyranny, before it’s too late? Or, are these thoughts & questions merely hysterical drama because they weren’t fashioned by some cleverly designed opinion poll or other equally restrictive source?

Last spring America woke up to see MILLIONS of illegal aliens marching in our streets demanding full citizenship rights. These people didn’t just arrive for the demonstrations, they simply came out of the shadows! They’ve been steadily marching in, essentially unchallenged; no, more comparably, received with a good, hearty “politically correct” American welcome for over 20 years!

If Americans had challenged and protested the audacity of anyone who would require us to “Press 1 for English” while living within our own country the first time we heard it we wouldn’t have 12-20 Million illegal invaders today!

The 2006 election was a demonstration of protest & demand, but how thoroughly did we consider our actions? We were all very angry with the current administration and we heard a lot about the `do nothing congress’. But what did we really accomplish? Didn’t we vote out quite a few of the `good guys’ simply because they were on the ‘right’? and didn’t we leave in quite a few of the `bad guys’ simply because they were on the left? Were those really our only choices or did we (again) just blindly ‘obey’ what we thought we heard? How many times over the last several years have we flipped from side to side after disappointment & dishonor? Then we reminisce, “at least we didn’t have…”

2008 is really not so far away. If, the American people don’t soon realize it’s not only our ‘right’ to exercise our Constitutional freedoms, but it’s our duty as responsible citizens to protect and defend them, we will surely find ourselves looking around (again) wondering how the powers that be, you know that ‘lesser evil’ you keep voting in, reduced & usurped YOUR rights to mere privilege.

The damage over the last 6 years has been great, but this erosion has been going on for years! This ‘regime’ has simply been more blatant…doesn’t that alone chill anyone’s blood? Does that mean `they’ believe we’re already so completely under the `ether’ it doesn’t matter anymore?

Lazy, stupid Americans.

I used to take exception every time I saw a book for “Dummies”, “Idiots”, etc, or heard “stupid” or “lazy” Americans”…but if we don’t, right now, realize “we” are allowing these atrocities to happen…well, “HUMAN CAPITAL”, no wonder those books sell so well…

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


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