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"We the People" update-The Great Hoax

January 20, 2007“We the People” The Wait Is Almost Over Within months, in all probability just before the Easter break, the hot topic of the day in every single law school in America will be the decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals in our case entitled, We The People v. The U.S. Government.Given the […]

April 15, The Great Hoax

Ok folks, I’m going to give you a little example of why we named this work “On the edge”… You may have already heard about the couple from NH, the “Live free or die” state, who are taking on the IRS. If not, you can read about it here. I’ve been researching this issue for […]

A Letter to Fellow Republicans

A Letter to Fellow Republicans: The RNC obviously has total disregard for their base. They have acted exactly the same as our Republican elected representatives. They ignored our emails! They ignored our letters! They ignored our faxes! They ignored our telephone calls! The 2006 election demonstrated our disgust but obviously did not convince our party […]

You can’t handle the truth, America!

Remember Jack Nicholson shouting to Tom Cruise that he, nor Americans could handle the truth in “A Few Good Men”? “On the level of moral philosophy, the drama examines questions of duty, honor, patriotism, justice, and the rule of law.” (Wikipedia) We say, “I have a right to know!” But what happens when we’re presented […]

Lazy, Stupid Americans

Cecilia Poole January 4, 2007 You would think in today’s age of ‘information access’ through the internet & thankfully the few who still dare or care to report, that Americans would open their minds to see what is going on, put things into perspective, then exercise their ‘rights’ before they disappear! Doesn’t anyone get ill […]