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Reconquista, E pluribus unum?

“The establishment of this anti-assimilation movement was born of the divisive ideology that brought us the practice of segregating ethnic groups through the use of hyphenated labels. This ideology is the aggressive dogma of ‘multiculturalism.’” Read more about this growing Anti-Assimilation Movement Advertisements

We need Team Leaders nationwide for March for America!

June 16, 2007 Let Freedom Ring America is sponsoring a nationwide March for America in each state capital & Washington, DC! DC will be a 3 day event. We have volunteered to help find Team Leaders who will help rally the troops to attend! For more information about this exciting event, participate as a Team […]

Miami a Third World Country?

Are Tom Tancredo’s views on Illegal Immigration and Miami iniquitous? Is there some dangerous or mysterious agenda behind his stance? Or is he just “a nut” as Jeb Bush notoriously proclaims?Tom Tancredo’s full spectrum position on illegal immigration’s effect in America is dead center on target. His ‘agenda’ is to save this country from a […]

March for America

ACGR & FLIMEN, SWFL will be participating in the March for Freedom in Washington, DC, June 14-16, 2007. Click post title for complete information.

Economic Apartheid Kills

Joel Hirschhorn seems to have summed up the State of our Union in this article. Click Name for Bio of Joel S. Hirschhorn Tuesday, 12 December 2006 by Joel S. Hirschhorn ‘To be successful in overturning our elitist plutocratic system we should add economic apartheid to our semantic arsenal. Better than economic inequality, economic injustice […]

Democracy or Republic, Which is it?

We the People Foundation takes an active role to bring power back to the people! Set ‘em Straight How many times have you heard people refer to America as a “Democracy”? We hear it all the time from relatives, friends, news reporters, local businessmen and from media “talking heads.” We read it regularly on Internet […]